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SAMBA Documentation

This document is part of my Samba Documentation web-page.
Here is a list of the Samba special documentation files for 2.2.6, most existed under earlier levels as well.
Nowadays, the man-pages are also being released as html docs in samba/doctable/html. Remember to always look at these man-pages - they are consistently maintained to the highest standards and are almost always absolutely current, although default values sometimes change from those documented.

Discontinued elements are marked as such.
Text Docs (many of these are obsolete and are no longer being maintained)
Document Audience Comments (if not obvious)
Application_Serving.txt limited Using Samba as an admin share for MS Office etc.
BROWSING-Config.txt most How to set up browsing, including cross-subnet browsing.
BROWSING.txt experts says 'for very advanced users only'
BUGS.txt ? How to report Samba bugs.
CRLF-LF-Conversions.txt newbies Why Samba does not convert between DOS CRLF and Unix LF, dropped in 2.2 levels so look here instead .
CUPS-PrintingInfo.txt :-) Light reading for CUPS users, look for cups.html for more serious enlightenment.
DHCP-Server-Configuration.txt DHCP users How to set up a DHCP Server for Win clients
DIAGNOSIS.txt you read this if you have problems
DNIX.txt limited problems with DNIX unix
DOMAIN.txt NT theory Network Logons and Roving Profiles, dropped for 2.2.x levels.
DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt NT Users Explains NT Domains, dropped for 2.2.x levels.
Faxing.txt limited how to turn a Samba server into a fax server
File-Cacheing.txt all An OPLOCKS Discussion, important! Also (and since 2.2.0 only) in my docs
GOTCHAS.txt none ? 1 old RedHat bug, one important NT domain problem described
HINTS.txt All oldie but goodie - some good advice.
INSTALL.sambatar limited Using smbtar
Imprints.txt ? Describes a NT/Printing project
Macintosh_Clients.txt limited -
MIRRORS.txt none my pointers are better, now dropped anyway.
NetBIOS.txt theory says why you should avoid NetBEUI and IPX/SPX, WINS doc is here as well. Sort of duplicates BROWSING-CONFIG.txt
NT-Guest-Access NT4 why 'security = domain' accesses need 2 validation attempts, dropped for 2.2 levels.
NTDOMAIN.txt historians superceded by DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt and now Samba-PDC-HOWTO.html, in OUTDATED under 2.2.x
PRINTER_DRIVER.txt limited [PRINTER$] share for Win95 (not WinNT), in OUTDATED under 2.2.x, it's use is depreciated.
PROFILES.txt ? -
Passwords.txt All uppercase/lowercase etc
Printing.txt All debug your printing
README.NOW all Says that the .txt docs are obsolete and how to convert .html docs to .txt
README.jis !! is in japanese (?)
README.pam_smbpass Non-Newbie How to synchronise *nix and smbpasswd passwords, 2.2 levels, gone
README.sambatar none obsolete since 1.9.13
README.smbmount linux smbmount was not part of Samba, this document is only in older versions.
Recent-FAQs.txt All Is relatively current, see also faq and this
RoutedNetworks.txt NT 3.1 Applies to NT 3.1, Samba 2.x
SCO.txt SCO -
SMBTAR.notes limited -
Samba-OpenSSL.txt advanced How to combine the two, new in 2.2.0.
Solaris-Winbind-HOWTO.txt Hmmm . . . Introduced 2.2.5, replaced in 2.2.6
Speed.txt All (updated 2.2.0) Is Samba too slow for you? See also Samba is slow?.
Speed2.txt All Samba was too slow for someone else, rather old.
SSLeay.txt experts ? A Secure Socket Support packet, docs for Samba 2.x. Renamed
Support.txt commercial Companies that support Samba commercially, dropped for 2.2 levels
Tracing.txt experts How to trace and debug Samba
UNIX-SMB.txt theory The SMB Protocol from a UNIX point of view, needs updating
How to stop users accessing other [homes]
how to disable encryption
WinNT.txt NT users various NT problems
cifsntdomain.txt developers very technical
security_level.txt All security = share, user, domain or server. Discuss.
smbmount.txt Linux Introduced in 2.0.7, replaced by the man-page for 2.2.x.
what is Samba?
faq All Has recently been revamped, look at samba/docs/faq
version history

html docs (these are being maintained)
Document Audience Comments (if not obvious)
Current samba-bugs FAQ All This document is only available on the Server
CVS_ACCESS.html developers access to CVS code.
DOMAIN_MEMBER.html NT Users How to join a Domain, Samba 2.x.x, was previously a .txt.
ENCRYPTION.html All see also NT4 and Winxx documents
Integrating-with-Windows.html All New with 2.2
NT_Security.html NT How to change UNIX Permissions from within NT - ACL support, previously a .txt.
OS2-Client-HOWTO.html limited -
PAM-Authentication-and-Samba.html Advanced 2.2 levels
Samba-BDC-HOWTO.html Guess! 2.2.x levels
Samba-FAQ-Collection.html All 2.2.x levels, a major addition to the docs
Samba-HOWTO-Collection.html Everyone! A major piece of work
Samba-LDAP-Howto.html Large-scale users New in 2.2.3 (?)
Samba-PDC-HOWTO.html Guess! 2.2.x levels
Samba-pdc-faq.html as above Early 2.2.x levels
Samba-pdc-howto.html - This is superceded by Samba-PDC-HOWTO.html. Also 2.2.x levels
UNIX_INSTALL.html starting up Subtitle: How to Install and Test Samba - everyone should have read this once.
cups.html   how to configure Samba to print using CUPS
msdfs_setup.html DFS users This is about MS DFS, look at it to find out what it can do
printer_driver2.html all? Allow Samba to supply clients with the drivers they need
wfw_slip.html historians who uses wfw or slip nowadays?
winbind.html professional sites winbind is there to handle unified logons between the MS and Unix worlds

As mentioned in the main document, you can expect to find this lot in your /usr tree somewhere under samba/docs/textdocs and samba/docs/htmldocs.  They are as much a part of the Samba package as the executables and man-pages.