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Boardgame program types

There are different tasks. For each task, you need a program, which is specialized about this job.
I'm not sure, if the best way is to have only one program which can do all tasks, or if it is better to have different programs, each specialized for his job.
I've made a table about the different types of tasks.

Read here:  Boardgame program types

Program compare

My target mostly is about analizing games.
So first I searched in the internet about programs doing this job.

Read here:  Shogi program compare


I didn't find any program, which will do all the things I need.
So the only sollution is, to write my own program.
Long time ago I've thought about it, but it was too difficulty to implement a game-engine.
But now, all problems are solved and BCMGames is becoming true. 

Download and install instructions

Look here: Download

Don't forgett to read the FAQs !


Look here: Screenshots


Look here: FAQs




Thanks to the following persons/organisations for there help/work.


Bona (http://mucho.girly.jp/bona)
For the wonderful Koma graphics.

MacShogi (http://www.macshogi.com)
Thanks to Florian Guzek (http://www.florianguzek.com) to use and distribute the graphics he made for MacShogi.

playok (http://www.playok.com)
For the graphics.

Wikimedia Commons - 13xforever (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Shougi_no_koma_gyokushou.svg)

I used it as basis and manipulated it.

Wikimedia Commons - David Benbennick (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Chess_tile_pd.png)
For the chess-graphics (I created a shogi-set with it.)

For his nice improvements of the Bona pieces and his own creations.

For his piece-set in the HIDETCHI-Theme.

Yoshio Kobayashi
For his free shogi-font.

Other graphics

ChiyoDads (http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/glgo/skins.html)
For the allowness to use and distribute his nice background graphics.


Reijer Grimbergen (http://gamelab.yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp/SHOGI/shogipage.html)
For his free USI compatible shogi-engine Spear.
And very, very much thanks for his 
permission to distribute his engine with my program, which makes the install process much easier: unzip&start.

H.G.Muller (http://home.hccnet.nl/h.g.muller)
For his free WB compatible engines HaQiKiD and Shokidoki.
And very, very much thanks for his 
permission to distribute his engines with my program, which makes the install process much easier: unzip&start.

For all people, who have written a USI/UCI/UCCI/XQ/WB compatible engines, or plan to do it.


Fat Bold Cyclop (http://sites.google.com/site/fatboldcyclopsplace)
For his SFEN converter.


Online Shop Saiga (http://www.saiga-jp.com)
For there great Kanji Dictionary with sounds and the permission to use this sounds for my first Move-Notation-Reader.


For his permission to use his sounds from his video (for great sounding moves).
Also much thanks for his voice, his help in creating a speech-set.

Steve Shih

For his chinese speech set.

Robert Lozyniak
For his speech set.

Webspace (traffic)

Fred Splittgerber (http://fhs-consulting.com)
Because my provider give me to less traffic for free (1 GB per month).
Thanks for the time he gave webspace.


Marco Milone: Italian
Hidetchi: Japanese
Steve Shih: Chinese
Fabien Osmont: French
2rok: Hungarian
Alexey Stupnev: Russian