Laser - input at DB0TVH

New Laser ATV long distance record over 118,4km, German language only

First transmission via 405nm Laser, please click here for more information

Since the 30st of December 2005 a new THz-input is active at DB0TVH (ATV Repeater in the city of Hannover/Germany). It is the the first and maybe the world wide one and only ATV repeater featuring an input in the optical range now. The reason for installing this input was to make ATV-experiments easier in the THz band. The spectral range begins at 200nm and ends at 850nm. So different optical sources can be used.

It was quite difficult to find out the correct wires for connecting the new input to the ATV repeater. Thanks to Rolf ,DF2OX, for his additional support.

DG4OBB installing some components ...assembling the photomultiplier on top of the camera...ready installed control unit

There were done several tests before the unit could be installed at the repeater location. Some components were freezing down to -22 degrees Celsius for preventing failure at low temperatures. One photomultiplier was placed into exessive sun radiation while high voltage was switched on to see if intense light will kill the multiplier. The result was that the now installed multiplier is protected against daylight by a mechanical shutter unit. The shutter opens after sundown and closes again at sunrise.

test in cold and snowy weather Photomultiplier unit

These photos were taken during the last test outside in cold and snowy weather:

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