Born on the 9th of July in 1984, little did my parents know that I would one day come to be a professional athlete.
My father Olumide got married to my mother Evelyn, a Jamaican, in 1980. In 1986 my brother Kayode was born, followed by my sister Yinka in 1988. Already in my childhood, I loved running and wanted to compete with older boys.

In my final High School year at the age of 16 I was made head boy in my school. I also started amateur training with my coach, Chinedu, who recognized my talents. That was the first time I experienced that somebody was able to run faster than me, as I had believed that I was the fastest in the world.
I finished High School in 1999 with a scholarship because I won all the events ranging from 100m to 800m, all the field events as well as High Jump and Long Jump, and I was also the best in my class.

From that point on I trained very hard which made me win a lot of laurels for my state Delta State. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in my national trails until 2003. As fate would have it I placed 6th in my first 100 meter nationals.
At that point I was called into my first national camp, were my life changed completely and I became the person I am today. In the camp, I also met my girlfriend, Ngozi, who ran the 4x400 meters at the Olympics in Athens.

When I went to my first indoor competition in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 2004, I met my role model for the first time. His name is Francis Obikwelu, European record holder and silver medallist in 100m at the Athens Olympic Games.

An important day in my life was August 28th, 2004, where I ran the 4x100 meters with my team mates (Uchenna Emedolu, Aaron Egbele, Deji Aliu) at the Olympics and won the bronze medal.

A lot of people played an important role in my life and I give them all my thanks.
The first is God who gave me all my talents, my family who supported me when I was scared, Endurance Ojokolo who taught me a lot about being a professional, and my girlfriend who gives me a lot of love as well as the support I need.


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