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Here you can find free games to play solitaire.

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 Trete ein und habe Spass an kostenlosen Solitaire Spielen   Solitaire Games for Amiga and PC   Come in and have fun with free solitaire games

Please click on the flags to get to the wonderful world of solitaire games.
Here you can find games like freecell, klondike, spider, yukon, Memo, golf and many others.
You can play the games with maybe the most beautiful cardsets ever made.
The themes are celebs, erotic, animals, flowers, landscapes, buildings, cars, cartoons, art and many more.
All downloads are free.

Bitte klicken Sie auf die Flaggen um die wundervolle Welt der Solitaire Kartenspiele zu betreten.
Hier können Sie nicht nur gratis Spiele (unter anderem Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider),
sondern auch die schönsten Spielkarten der Welt kostenlos herunterladen.
Zu allen erdenklichen Themen sind Motive zu finden, wie
z.B. Stars, Erotik, Tiere, Pflanzen, Naturaufnahmen, Gebäude, Autos,
Cartoons, Kunst und viele andere.

Latest News:

New manga cardset from Allan. His "Undercover" Set was made with screenshots
from the the TV series "Totally Spies", brought to us by Marathon Animation.

Three  new cardsets made by me can found on this page.
I called them "Dollz" because they remembered my on these little Dolls girls a playing with.

New Version of RekoView the "What you get is what you see" Cardset Editor.
RekoView download page

New Hentai Cardset from Allan. It's name is Kango, and was made with pictures from the game "Kango Shicyauzo (I'm Gonna Nurse You)"

Allan published "bunny" cardset. It was made with pictures from the game Do You Like Horny Bunnies?

Allan brought us walpurgis carddeck made with pictures from the game "Bible Black: La noche de Walpurgis"

Fresh cards form Allan: Frazetta is a cardset made with paintings of Frank Frazetta

Allan updated his Reko2As Tool to version 1.13.

Allan published Sanatorium cardset. The pictures are from the game Sanatorium, brought to us by ZYX.

Allan published Ryoko cardset. The pictures are from the game series Chaos Queen Ryoko, brought to us by Scoop.

Allan published Waver cardset made with pictures from the game Waver - The Seeker 2, brought to us by Tenshindo

Allan published Yuwaku cardset with pictures from the game Yuwaku, brought to us by Candy Soft.

Did you know? Solitaire is the game where you place one card onto another. ;-)
British People call it Patience.
The Germans say Solitär and write sometimes Solitaer. ;-).
Spider Solitaire is the most popular Solitaire Game these days.
Other cool misspellings are: soltiare, soltaire, solitare, solotaire, solitaaire, solitiare,
soltaer, soltair or with missing 'e' solitair and solotair :-)
But it is possible, that solitair is the correct word in some languages.
Some other foreign words for Solitaire are: Solitario, Solitarium, Senku, Samotnik, Szoliter, Soliter

Last Update: 12.01.2009


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Spider Solitär