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All about Reko Card Sets

Aminet - Software and Information for the Amiga

The Archives

Reko Net Home - Dirk Stöcker has collected all published Cardsets.
He offers them on this Page. You can find there all games and tools, which uses the reko format, also. He has a complete list of information and links about this format that you may need for your own projects. If you have questions, or some card sets to publish, go there.
All Downloads here on this page are with friendly permission of Dirk.
Thank You!

If you want to thank him, send him an email. Or the better way, make an own card set, and send it to him.
Go To Rekonet - Reko Net Home (Substitute address)

Reko-Produktions - Remy and Koss, the guys who invented the reko format. Quiet for a long time, but now they have announced an update of the game.

Reko Cardset Archives - Reko Fan Page (some erotic cards)
Anna Nicole Smith, Erika Eleniak, Pamela Anderson, Hirosue, Yuuka.

Allan Rasmussen - Reko Fan Page (very nice Anime Sets)
Allan makes his wonderful Cardsets from pictures out of Anime, Manga and Hentai Films Games and Comics like "Darcrows".
But not alone this, some of his last Cardsets are from pictures of the great fantasy artists Dorian Cleavenger , Gerald Brome, Luis Royo and Jim Warren..
You can also find there Cards with the theme nature, cartoons and computer animation.

Vegard Krog Petersen - Reko Fan Page (Sarah Michelle Gellar ('Buffy - The Vampire Slayer') and Lucy Lawless ('Xena - The Warrior Princess').
Vegard has a very great Solitaire Mahjongg Page, too.

Nekogami - Reko Fan Page with Anime Sets. The Final Fantasy set is very nice. You can find there also Teen Titans and Princess Maker Sets.

Bernd Lachner - Cardset Viewer for Linux and Windows, Java needed, Tyrol Cardset.

Madone - Reko Fan Page (Several Sets)
Janis - Reko Fan Page (Natalie Imbruglia)
- Reko Fan Page (Several Sets)

Want to talk about Reko?
Reko Net List - Discussiongroup -
Subscribe here to get the latest news about Reko.

Solitaire - My mirror page at gamezworld.
Playing Cards - I use my old page as Mirror for my Playing Cards.
Peg Solitaire - Jump with one peg over the others until one remains.
AndSa - Overview about my projects.
Chappo - A member of my family
Solitaire Blog - blah about this and that (german)

Some other Solitaire related Pages:

Solitaire Central, Here can you can find a lot of solitaire games for all platforms and in many variations well sorted in categories. Rule Books, Lexicon are available, too.

Pagat.com, a very comprehensive page. If you want to know anything about card games go here.

Are you looking for an easy to learn programming
language for Windows?

BlitzBase.de Some interesting Tutorials in German
Blitzbasic.co.nz The home of the makers of Blitz Basic
BlitzSys.dll If you are a programmer you need this cool tool