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How to make Cardsets

New 17.10.2005 Rekoview - The WYSIWYG Cardseteditor

Download Rekoview


Wizard: With this feature you can quickly load in your complete picture collection, and the wizard will form your pics to playing cards.

Because not all picture can be formed to playing cards without deformation, there is a cutting menue, where you can cut and form your pics by yourself.
You only have to place the scissors shape over the picture and correct its size.

You can choose between 11 different designs for rankingsymbols.
Loading in your own design is possible, too.

You can even rearrange and exchange the cards on a cardset made long time ago.

A Viewer is integrated, so you can have a look on your complete cardset collection.

You can also make a show. With this feature your cardsets will be shown in a nice left to right scrolling automatically.

The cardsets the tool will create are compatible to all games that uses the .rkp format, like AS-Solitaire

With the new version created in July 2003 you can convert *.deck formated carddecks. Load them in as usual, place the correct design over them, and save them with pressing the tools button.

    17.10.2005. New Version.
    - It is now possible to load your cardsets directly from zip-files.
    - Less memory usage
    - Less cpu usage
    - Internal changes

Making Cardsets

Hello, maybe you want use your own pictures, to make cardsets for the game AS-Solitaire. Here is a small tool and a guide how to produce your own cardsets.

Download RekoView

Short Step to Step Manual

1.Pack the RekoView tool onto your harddrive, using the download. This ist completely simple, click on the "underlined link".No installation necessary. Start the file by doubleclicking on the "Exe", place the file on your harddrive.

2. Start the Rekoview tool. Look out for the buttuns that called Wizard. Click on the bigger Wizard to load in a complete directory of pictures, or the smaller one for loading in single pictures.

working shape

An example of a Cardset during developing

3. Now the wizard will create playing cards automatically. If your new cards didn`t have the correct size, use the scissors menue to cut them by your own.

4.Choose one of the eleven ranking symbols, and place them over your thumbnails.

work done

This is how your cardset could look like.

4. Pay attention that you have 57 Cards.

5. Use the tool symbol to compile the cardset to reko-format.

6. Save the cardset.

7. Start the game AS-Solitaire. Open the menue "cardset" and load the deck you want to use.

8. I wish you lots of fun with your new cardsets and lots of luck, trying to make your own decks.

9. Should you like to publish your cardset, donīt be to shy to get in contact with me. I will be glad to help you.