Qswap for Sharp Zaurus

There are different reasons to create a swapfile onto ramdisk or even onto CF- or SD-Card. Qswap is a frontend to create or remove a swapfile with a size of 2, 4, 6, 8 16 or 32 MB and - this was the main reason to build Qswap - to add/remove this swapfile to/from the virtual memory.
After two screenshots you will find the download links for the binary pacakge (ipkg) and the sources.

Swapon/Swapoff   Genereate/Remove



Qoverclock for Sharp Zaurus

Qoverclock is a frontend to change the cpu frequency of the SA 1110. It uses the Power Manager Clock Control Register (PPCR). Due to problems with memory timings only values of 162 MHz up to 236 MHz are available.
After the screenshot you will find the download links for the binary pacakge (ipkg) and the sources.

Set CPU speed



Shell scripts saving the modified cpu frequency during suspend/resume. For Sharp ROM users you need the package susp-resume.



Qscmxx is a graphical frontend of scmxx for Siemens mobile phones. It allows you to send SMS from your Zaurus using different phonebooks of your mobile phone. You have to transfer the phonebooks to the zaurus using this tool. Phone numbers can be selected using the drop down menu on the first tab or by clicking on the phone book entry on the second tab. The command line tool scmxx is shipped with this package.

Tab1a   Tab2a



For more details about scmxx click here.
I stopped the development, but you can enjoy the new qscmxx project by Dmitriy Korovkin.