The Songs of Shirley Bassey

Album 1966:
I've Got A Song For You!

in the USA released as:
Shirley Means Bassey
United Artist Records, UAS 6545


Side A

  1. 2:32 - I've Got A Song For You
  2. 2:58 - I'm Glad There Is You
  3. 2:05 - Johnny One Note
  4. 3:34 - The Shadow Of Your Smile
  5. 1:52 - Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me
  6. 5:17 - You Can Have Him

Side B

  1. 2:04 - You're Gonna Hear From Me
  2. 2:26 - All Or Nothing At All
  3. 2:06 - Shirley
  4. 2:27 - Strangers In The Night
  5. 2:54 - Let Me Sing - And I'm Happy
  6. 2:30 - The Sound Of Music

Though this album has not been re-released on CD, spreaded over many collections every single track has been re-released on CD.


In April of 1966, SHIRLEY BASSEY opened a two-week engagement at The Royal Box of the Americana Hotel in New York City. Shortly thereafter, she headlined at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas. The reviews that greeted these engagements were absolutely fantatstic. One veteran Vegas scribe compared the dynamic vocalist to Lena Horne, Helen Morgan, Ella Fitzgerald and Barbra Streisand, and closed his column by shouting to the rooftops that he hadn't been so completely devastated by a lady singer since Judy Garland in 1956.

These raves are certainly not new for SHIRLEY BASSEY. She has long scintillated as an international star of the first magnitude. However, the lovely Welsh miss will always remember 1966 as the year in which she truly conquered America. Offers from major television shows in the U.S.A., night clubs and hotels are pouring in with increasing regularity, and it has now become a delightful fact to Americans that Miss Bassey's considerable talents will be on lavish display there several months per year for the next few seasons.

There are very few who throw the emotion into a song that Shirley does. There are even fewer who offer the animal-like vitality that she presents. There may be nobody who possesses a golden set of pipes like our songstress has. Put all these qualities together and a conclusion is reached, Shirley means Bassey, just like Frank means Sinatra and Perry means Como.
Our album, I'VE GOT A SONG FOR YOU vividly shows why Shirley means Bassey. In it SHIRLEY BASSEY runs through a completely new programme of great songs, chanting as she has never done before.

Sleevenote of re-issue:
from my 1968 Italian release

Each Shirley Bassey album is a complete entertainment in itself. In this case, the fabulous Miss Bassey takes twelve contrasting songs and moulds each one into a memorable treatment. From the Frank Sinatra hit "Strangers In The Night" that started life in a film called "A Man Could Get Killed" to a song that the younger Sinatra sang with Harry James' Orchestra back in 1939, namely "All Or Nothing At All"; from standards by Andre and Dory Previn, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein and Irving Berlin to a newer version of "Kiss Me, Honey, Honey" - a song Shirley recorded originally in 1959 and which became a landmark in her early career.

The success of Shirley Bassey has been phenomenal but very justifiable when one considers her great talent. In July 1970, Miss Bassey made the top of the hit parade with a George Harrison composition called "Something" and this collection of songs proves her ability to interpret perfectly songs that have become recognised as standards.

Programme Note

"I've got a song for you" says Shirley.

It was in Las Vegas in April this year that Shirley Bassey and manager Kenneth Hume decided to make this album. They wanted to show a new side of Shirley's talent and have deliberately included many up-tempo numbers along with the ballads.

Ralph Burns - American arranger famous for his orchestrations with the Woody Herman and for top singers Lena Horne, Sarah Vaughan, Johnny Mathis and Barbra Streisand, as well as for a score of Broadway musicals including FunnyGirl - flew out to Las Vegas and prepared and rehearsed the numbers ... no easy task for Shirley, who was doing two long shows a night, seven nights a week, at the Sahara Hotel.

As soon as the season closed they all flew to New York, to the studios of United Artist Records, and within one week had recorded this exciting new album.

United Artists Records in conjunction with Kenneth Hume worked non-stop to get this album ready for sale in time for the opening of Shirley Bassey's new show at the Prince Of Wales Theatre, London on July 19th, 1966.

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