Nålbinding: Different stitches



Here I present some different stitches in Nålbinding.


1. Stitch O/UO
2. Stitch UO/UOO
3. Stitch UOO/UUOO
4. Stitch UOOO/UUUOO

5. Stitch OO/UUO

6. Stitch OOO/UUUO


If you know any other stitches, which are not presented here,
please contact me via email!

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Der The stitch O/UO is the simplest stitch that can be worked as a starter loop chain.

It is here mentioned to show a complete picture.

In the "thumb catching method" this stitch is worked with the forward thumb loop and the working thread only.

Stitch O/UO

Stich O/UO

This stitch is the same as shown and described in detail on the pages "The start " .

Stitch UO/UOO

Stich UO/UOO

Stitch UO/UOO Picture 1


Mittens, worked in the stitch UO/UOO.

Started at the opening with a loop chain of 45 stitches, which are closed to a ring. Those mittens are the result of the description of the start, which resulted from the connection of threads.

After 8 rows I skipped 8 stitches of the previous row and worked over this with a new loop chain of 8 stitches. After 5 more rows I decreased 2 stitches each on both sides and after 8 more rows I closed the remaining hole.

The thumb is worked into the slit (16 stitches). Decrease 2 stitches each at the end of the 4th and 5th row, and then sew together.

I worked a border with a leftover of green wool in the same stitch around the rim (2 rows).



Stitch UO/UOO Picture 2

Handschuhe gefilzt

Felted in the washing machine the mittens look like this. The structure of the stitches is not recognizable any more. The holes between the stitches are nearly closed now.


This stitch is a further development of the stitch UO/UOO.
For this the needle is pushed through another backward thumb loop, thus always into 2 backward thumb loops.



This stitch is also an advancement of the stitch UO/UOO. Here the needle is pushed through 2 additional backward thumb loops, thus into 3 backward thumb loops altogether.

The structure of the stitches is visibly denser.

For testing I worked with up to five backward thumb loops. The structure of the stitches does not change very much, it just gets denser.



Stitch UOOO/UUUOO Picture 1

Maschenbild Stich UOOO/UUUOO

The stitch structure of the headband.

The stitch is (U)U(U)OOO/UUUOO

(the U's in brackets are the stitches into the previous row)

Among other things I used this stitch for a Moebius scarf.

This stitch forms a loose structure..


Stitch OO/UUO

Stich OO/UUO

Stitch OO/UUO Picture 1

Stich in die Vorreihe

Work first into the next loop of the previous row.

(When making the loop chain this stitch is left out.)


Stitch OO/UUO Picture 2

Stich OO/UUO

Push the thumb loop off the thumb with the needle.


Stitch OO/UUO Picture 3

Stich OO/UUO

Prick into the backward thumb loop from the front. This is now below the forward thumb loop, which has been pushed upwards. Move the needle slightly to the right to widen both loops or to pull them to the same size; at the same time hold on to the previous stitches with thumb and forefinger. Push the needle upwards slightly behind both stitches an ...


Stitch OO/UUO Picture 4

Stich OO/UUO

... lead the needle under the working thread and pull through.

A new thumb loop forms.

Prick into the next stitch of the previous row etc.etc., until this nice project is finished.


Stitch OO/UUO Picture 5

Möbiusschal 6 Reihen

Pretty much at the start, when only six rows were finished.

The second colour has been sewn onto the 1. previous row and always worked behind the loops of the 1. colour, shortly after the ring has been closed.

The typical twist of the Moebius scarf in Nålbinding is obtained, when with closing the ring the start loop chain is twisted at 180 º and then sewn onto the back of the same loop chain. During the rest of the work a twisted spiral forms as a result.

Stitch OO/UUO Picture 6

Möbiusschal 12 Reihen

Here 12 rows are done.

It is clearly visible how the brown row follows the white one. I used the slightly bigger cherry wood needle for this.

Objekt Möbiusschal Picture 1

Möbiusschal 20 Reihen fertig

The scarf was finished after working 20 rows. I felted it together with a pair of mittens in the washing machine in a 60 º C cycle.

Objekt Möbiusschal Picture 2

Bernhard mit Möbiusschal

...and it looks like this when the scarf is worn.

It has shrunk a lot through felting and is less elastic.

Instead it is extremely warming.

Stitch OOO/UUUO is a further development of the stitch OO/UUO. It is worked by constantly pricking under the 2nd backward thumb loop.



This stitch is a development from stitch OO/UUO. It is worked by always pricking under the 5th backward thumb loop

This example shows how simple it is to further develop the stitches in the "thumb catching method". Even this stitch can still be worked easily.



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