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 for Z1000, Z850, Z750, Z600, Z500, Z120, Z110, S500, S600



What's New June 2006

Z1000 ready for testing  and Z1000 Bestshot Files

Z850 Movie Bestshot Files

For any sugestions or questions you can contact me or drop me a note in my guestbook


How it began April 2004
Last year in France I had badluck to get the bumble-bee as sharp as I want because of the limitations of my Z3 so I started to work on it...

Now the first version for P-600 is ready, Z3, Z4, Z30 and Z40 will also be supported soon.

There is no support  by casio and so it is difficult to get through the bestshot files format.

Any suggestions & comments  are welcome. If you find out something new tell me.

If you have any good bestshots plz mail them to me, I will place them on this site.