KitchenAid ProLine Artisan 5KCG100 Espresso Grinder Modification: Grinding directly into portafilter


I have been lucky to get a KitchenAid ProLine Artisan 5KCG100 Espresso Grinder worthy of its working title, meaning that in the finest grind setting (based on factory defaults, too) it grinds far fine enough to choke my smaller AEG EA 150 for good, and to have my ISOMAC TEA chugging away at full force (and only sometimes choking it, when the weather is in order (don't laugh, some say it really depends on the weather) or when I tamp the coffee grounds incorrectly - all meaning it does its job (according to several people it only performed good enough for producing coffee grounds fine enough for drip coffee, but not for espresso for them).

I love this grinder for various reasons:

The only feature missing in this grinder is the ability to grind directly in the portafilter. When I tried to hold the portafilter below the coffee grounds exit hole and started the grinder I had too much coffee grounds spraying around than I was willing to tolerate.

Checking for the reason of this spraying the cause turned out to be a little bar of plastic in the middle of the exit hole. Since this bar is part of the plastic lid which holds the coffee grounds catcher in place removing the lid was the logical next step. Once that is done the exit hole is directly accessible and one can fit something onto it to prevent the spraying, should it still take place. And this is described below.

Note that the removal of the plastic lid leads to the glass catcher not being firmly in place anymore, so when you use the glass catcher, be sure to hold it in place while grinding, should it start moving.

Note too, that removing that little bar in the plastic lid itself looks promising, too, as the cookie mould will the fit even with the lid itself being attached back on the grinder again. OK, just did it, works fine. Now I can use the glass catcher by pulling off the cookie mould and rely on the lid to keep the catcher in place. Nice. :) The pictures below still show the approach with the lid removed though, which may be preferable to some, as it is non destructive.


KitchenAid ProLine Grinder (ca. EU 170 to EU 210):

A set of cookie moulds with the right dimensions (ca. EU 0.99):

1) Removing loose parts:

2) Loose parts removed:

3) Note plastic lid that holds coffee grounds catcher in place; note the screw in the middle of it; remove screw, remove cap - beware, it comes apart into three further parts:

4) Plastic lid removed, note the round hole where the coffee grounds exit:

5) The plastic lid that we just removed:

6) A closer look:

7) Say hello to the round cookie mould:

8) Introduction of ISOMAC TEA portafilter to cookie mould:

9) Introduction of cookie mould to its new work place; the cookie mould fits exactly over the coffee grounds exit hole piece, not too tight, but sitting firmly in place:

10) Grinder, cookie mould and portafilter: