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Dance of the Tagbanuwa

Original comment:
“Filmed at Barangay Barake, Municipality of Aborlan, Palawan.”

Although this clip is very short, it is very valuable because it is the only one available presenting Tagbanuwa music. The dancer, holding anahaw leaves in both hands, is accompanied by a group of four musicians playing one wide-rimmed and two shallow agungs and a small drum.

Uploaded to YouTube on April 18, 2007
by virginielt

Earth Statements 2 (Including Music 
of the Bukidnon of Panay Island)

Original comment:
“Part 2 of 3 on Indigenous people of Panay: binanog dance, talda chant [in the beginning of the video] & efforts to conserve natural resources. Green Forum - Western Visayas”

Attention: Don't mix the Bukidnon of Panay island with the Bukidnon of Mindanao island... (The term “Bukidnon” just means “mountain dwellers” in Visayan languages.)

Uploaded to YouTube on January 11, 2007
by totopurz

Binanog Dance of the 
Tumandok People of Panay

The exciting binanog dance of courtship of the Tumandok, an indigenous people living in Tapaz and Jamindan in Capiz as well as Calinog and Lambunao in Iloilo, Central Panay, Philippines.

The Bukidnon of Mindanao have a similar dance of the same name. “Banog” means “hawk,” “binanog” means “what the hawk does, the way of the hawk”.


Exactly the same video was uploaded to YouTube by two different people: 
on March 17, 2007 by kfvblog  
on March 28, 2007 by jeypey82
(The above comment is a mixture of both postings.)

Philippine Madrigal Singers (MADZ) 
Singing “Cebuano Medley”

Original comment:
“Philippine Madrigal Singers visiting First UMC of Alhambra, CA, USA, October 7, 2007. Mark Anthony Carpio, Choirmaster. 'Cebuano Medley' arr by Eudenice Palaruan. MP3 available at”

This chamber choir can be considered one of the best choirs of the world. Just recently, they won the 19th European Grand Prix for Choral Singing in Arezzo, Italy, 2007. If you will search for the key word “Philippine Madrigal Singers” at YouTube, you will find many other video clips – too many to present them here. Also try the key words “AILM” and “UST Singers” for other remarkable Philippine choirs.

Uploaded to YouTube on Ocober 8, 2007
by aevangelista

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