DRM Disco 3.5.2 with Perseus support (use ICOM CI-V)

DRM Logger 3.3 now with option for daily logging

DRMcalc 6.3 Pro

Now able to display fieldstrength

Updated 09.12.2006

With DRMcalc you are able to analyse and manage your DRM Software Radio and Dream log files and compare your results with others over the internet.

Download DRMcalc 6.3 Pro


Open your DRMSoftwareRadio.log file and make sure that it is not used by the DRM Radio. Click on the record you want to analyse. With the Export button you can save the selected record to a single file. To compare your reception with other log files click on the compare button. Both logs will be time synchronized if possible and both will be displayed in the main window. The master for the time scale of the plot is the first log file. You will only see the time overlapping parts of the 2nd log but the average data from the 2nd log is calculated from the complete log.

Suggestions are welcome, just mail to:

DRM Disco 3.5.2

Fixed spaceweather service

Updated 15.03.2008

The DRM Disco will guide you through the rapidly increasing number of daily DRM transmissions. The schedule always shows in green the broadcasts, that are currently on the air. Red transmissions are comming next. Just select one and your connected receiver will tune immediately to this frequency. DRM Disco is especially designed for the the use with the DRM Software Radio from Fraunhofer, where you can easily start and stop log files with just one click. Nevertheless you can also use DRM Disco together with Dream, because it provides more RX controlls and you can tune just with your mouse wheel , but the log function of Dream cannot be controlled.

Supported receivers are: AOR AR 7030, Yaesu FRG100, FT757GX, FRG8800, FT847, FT817, TenTec RX320D, WiNRADiO G303/G313, ICOM PCR-1000, Elektor DRM RX, Telefunken E1800, NRD 525/535/545, Digital World Traveller, SAT-Schneider DRT1, all ICOM CI-V rigs, TS-850, Elektor USB SDR and the Perseus SDR.

Discover the crystal clear DRM transmissions now!

Download DRM Disco 3.5.2

Please send me details about the programming of your receiver, so that I can add support for more receivers.


DRM Logger 3.3

Updated 29.10.2006

The DRM Logger is able to log DRM transmissions automatically with the DRM Software Radio or Dream, even if you are not at home. It also logs the fieldstrength. Now with AOR 7030, FRG100, FRG 8800, FT847, TenTec RX320D, Winradio G303, Icom PCR1000, Telefunken1800, Elektor RX, NRD 545, Digital World Traveller and DRT1 support.

Download DRM Logger V3.3


Always up to date DRM schedule