The day I killed a Grandmaster in Chess.
What meditation can do to your chess game ....

We had a simultan event going on in our little town.
I went, and was trashed in 20 moves.
The same event was up the next year, and I got a chair to again play the same guy. Shortly before going to the event, I made a promise, that I wanted to stay at least for 30 moves alive in the game.
When I entered, I already was late for 5 min., but my table was still reserved for me. The GM came, gave me his hand, looked me into the eyes and thought:
"Idiot, I`ll kill you in 20 moves..."
Yes, they are that brutal sometimes ....
The first 10 moves were terrible. I was joking most of the time with my direct neighbour to the right, and never paid any attention to the game.
Therefor my whole defense was gone, although we hadnt killed any pieces yet.
When looking at the disaster, that was sure to come, I started to have a conversation with myself. Since I was into meditation and gave mental coaching to sports athletes, I started to yell at myself.
"What are you doing here ?"
I nodded.
"And you want to give mental coaching to others ?"
I again nodded.
"What is the main basis for mental training ?", my inner self demanded in a sharp voice.
Oh, that was easy to answer.
"I should only look at my board, and not wander with my attention?"
Nodding from the other side.
Now in this simul event, the GM needed several minutes to come back to my board.
After some minutes concentrating on my board, an amazing energy started to form around me and all the board and table.

And when the GM approached the

board next to me on the left side, my inner voice told me to move the Knight in a certain way.

Since I had no idea, what to do in my defenseless situation, I moved my knight, when the GM approached me, and after some considering, he aggressively ran his Queen into
my defense.
This was only move 11, and it looked I would be down very soon.
Next time the same situation. When the GM appereared at the board next to me, the inner voice had the next move ready for me. I moved the a-pawn one step, and the GM withdrew 2-3 m from the table, to have a better look at the situation. He looked for about 2-3 minutes, which in itself is
normally a big nod for good play. He than made his next move.
When my 3rd inner move came up, it was clear, that our GM would loose his Q, which was in the middle of all fighting. What a surprise !!
The subsequent moves, he played an amazing combination, winning my Q, but thereby lost his white Bishop. One piece up !
Slowly with every coming move, I pushed the GM out of my defense back into his area, and my winning move came later, when both of his Rooks where on the same white line,
and I placed my white-line Bishop between them. Meaning, next move, one of his Rs would surely fall.
So I was up one piece and winning the quality.
(A Bishop is rated 3 points, a Rook 5 points in a game...)
Something that would surely win an endgame.
The game was gone for him.
He didnt look at me, and didnt give a handshake. Just going to the official people and ending the ceremony.
When I left the building, I felt, as if I could lift a whole elefant.
And still after that, I didnt play for more than 20 years.
I discoverd playing chess again later, when I trashed a 2000+ player in the parc of Timmendorf.
Slowly I realized, that I could be a dangerous player, when I was ready to be centered and concentrated.....

So without any training, just by regular meditation, I realized, that
I had developed an advanced chess ability. Amazing !

This ability mostly was developed by meditation, and I would
suggest, that all chess players should look into that and learn how to turn their mind inwards and relax and have this wonderful feeling, where the infinity leads the intellect in discovering the overall cosmic intelligence, ready to interfere and broaden all our understanding
and awareness.

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