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Severus Snape is not only one of the most colourful and mysterious characters in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter but also happens to be my favourite. The brilliant perfomance of Alan Rickman in the movies only fostered my impression that the Head of Slytherin is more than just the cruel professor or Dumbledore's spy but a person with many layers.
I try to take a closer look here at our fav potions Master and try to steal a look beyond the obvious into the brilliant mind of our favourite Death Eater.

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sunday - oct. 12th 2003

I am still working on the page with some generel cleaning and editing. Should be able to add some more content later.





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This is a Fansite containing information and theories about Severus Snape including an attempt at the History of the House of Slytherin and my written fanfiction. It is so far in version 1.0 and still a work in progress. Some parts may not be working as of now so please be patient with me as I try to build up a page from scratch. All material here published unless otherwise marked © Esther Kolbe for Severly Ensnared


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