green = new
blue = moved

Main Menu:
context menu: (open with A-B)
resume playing
go were I left
go to (bookmarked music folder)
show recent bookmarks

resume playing
go to (recent bookmark 1)
go to (recent bookmark 2)
go to (recent bookmark ...)
context menu: 
open (bookmarked folder 1)
open (bookmarked folder 2
open (bookmarked folder ...)
context menu:
listen to (bookmarked channel 1)
listen to (bookmarked channel 2)
listen to (bookmarked channel ...)
context menu:
voice recording (built in mic)
hq recording (ext mic)
context menu:
(bookmarked option 1)
(bookmarked option 2)
(bookmarked option ...)
context menu:
(bookmarked plugin 1)
(bookmarked plugin 2) 
(bookmarked plugin ...)

Would it be possible to create bookmarks dynamically (recently used or frequently used?
I removed "show ID3 Info from Info menu, as it is already in wps context menu.
The main menu should contain all settings and apps, all context menus contain actions and most used options.

The file context menu will stay as it is.

The WPS quick menu has a very inconsistent ui. I think it should be merged with the WPS context menu. As the main menu should be accessible from everywhere, it may contain only the most nesseccary items:

WPS context menu

Function WPS Browser Radio Recorder
Button Press Hold Press Hold Press Hold Press Hold
Play Play/Pause  -
Open/Play -
Mute/Unmute -
Play latest
Stop Stop Turn off Cancel
(return to wps, resume playback!)
Turn off Exit (stop playback,
go to main menu)
Turn off Stop recording Turn off
Navi Enter Browser Bookmarks menu Enter Dir
File Bookmarks menu Enter Browser Open Preset list Enter Browser Recording presets list
Record - - - - - - record -
Up/Down volume up/down max/min vol move up/down scoll up/down volume up/down max/min vol switch volume/gain -
Left Previous track Scan forward 1 dir up root dir frequency up seek next
up 1-2db
Right Next track Scan rewind - - frequency down seek previous
down 1-2db
A-B main menu WPS context menu main menu context menu
(=file menu)
main menu context menu
(= settings)
main menu context menu
(=recording settings)

You will need to press one more button, to stop playback out of WPS: Stop to return to WPS (to "stop" Browser mode), again Stop to top playback. Imho this is much better than using play as a cancel button.
I removed "Turn on" from this table, as it is not used while the player is running.