I'm glad you are interested in my ideas. please post your comments to the mailinglist.
I tried to take all the previous discussion on the mailingist into consideration, but I might have forgotten something. Please remind me of those things.

Those are my ideas, to replace the main menu:

You will notice some new items, and the merged settings menu:

"play music".
There should be the possibility to configure this item to
It should contain additional items, as soon as tag-support is usable.

To access all of those possibilities it could be possible to add a sub-menu, accessed via A-B, as it is some kind off settings menu.

The same thing could be done with the file-browser, to show bookmarks, Radio to open one specific channel, recorder to select preset recording settings...

"browse files"

simply the filebrowser

"System" (still settings in mockup)
contains all settings, as I think it is not neccessary to access e.g. soung settings directly from the main menu, you will must likely open them from the music player. Pressing A-B will open the applications settings. This means Pressing A-B in File Browser mode should open the File View settings, not the main menu. Main menu could be accessed e.g. by holding NAVI, as this afaik not yet in use, so it could be accessible from everywhere, allowing fast changes between apps.

One example, why this is better: You are trying to make some recordings, and are playing around with the settings. you have to change between recorder ald player mode very often. this is faster now, and having configured "play music" to open last place, you will be able to play your recording within an instant.

It would be nice to have a settings item "customize", which contains all look & feel settings. Those are the Display settings, Language, and the Themes, perhaps Voice, too.
peak meter should be moved to recording.
Bookmarking is the same categorie like resume on startup, so it should be moved to Playback.

Structure of the settings menu:

I know, some people will hate me for suggesting to change the menu structure, but I hope this is logical and easy to use.

Some additional mockups I made. Not at all perfect, just some fast work, to see what could be possible by changing icons, and adding some color.


You will notice, I used status icons AND text. I think the display is big enough to offer this choice.

The Icons I used are from the Tango Desktop Project.