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  Outline Discography  
 Second edition of November 1997, with over 350 releases (albums, singles, videos). Regular updates are available directly from me by Mailing List. 
 The Magazine Interview 
 An interview with Nicky Campbell on his mid-morning talk show on BBC Radio Five Live (1.05.1998) 
 From Dagenham to the dust bowl 
 Woody Guthrie In Dagenham : Andrew Collins sits in as Billy Bragg records unpublished works of the American folk legend (NS, 6.03.1998) 
 The World This Weekend Interview 
 Interview with James Cox on BBC Radio Four's The World This Weekend (12.10.1997) 
 The John Peel Session 13.10.1995 
 Details on Billy's live Peel Session on Radio 1 in October 1995, including full lyrics and a verbatim transcript. 
 Looking For A New England
I Am Looking For A New England
 Two pieces by Billy on the British left's attitudes towards patriotism (from the New Statesman) 
 NSS Interview 
 The New Statesman's editor interviews Billy Bragg in September '96 (from the New Statesman) 
 NME Interview 
 Interview from the New Musical Express, 21.09.1996 
 Miscellaneous Reports 1996 
 The NET Interview (BBC Radio 1, 20.08.1996), Radcliffe Session (Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 1, 20.08.1996), Reading Interview (John Peel, BBC Radio 1, 24.08.1996), Music Week Feature (MW, 31.08.1996), Roundhouse gig review (MM 21.09.1996), William Bloke review (Mojo, Oct. 1996). 
 JJJ Interview 
 An interview with Jen Oldenshaw (JJJ Morning Show, 2.04.1997) about the British General Election.  
 Miscellaneous Reports 1997 
 Sunday Times Feature (ST, 13.04.1997), Stars' Treks (VOX 7/97) 
 New Statesman Miscellanea  
 NS Diary (NS, 14.02.1997), Rebels With Cause [book review of M. Bracewell: England Is Mine] (NS, 13.06.1997). 
 Les Inrockuptibles Interview  
 Interview with French music magazine 'Les Inrockuptibles' from November 1991. 
 Record Mirror Miscellanea   
 Workers Playtime review (RM 24.09.1988), Live review 'At The Hootenay, Hammersmith Le Palais' (RM 24.03.1990). 
 Newswire Miscellanea   
 AP Interview (William Bloke) (AP 18.10.1996), War Child auction (PANews 5.02.1997). 
 Why All Labels Should Accept 10-Year Deals 
 A Letter to the Editor on copyright policy (Music Week 16.07.1994). 
 I Wanted To Be A Teenage Cosmonaut 
  The Chiswick connection (Record Collector). 
  A (really) short list of books and articles by or about Billy Bragg. 
  Complete British Chartography 1984-1996. 
 Other Billy Bragg Sites on the Internet 
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