icon GNOME-Ding, what it is

GNOME-Ding is a graphical tool for spellchecking and translation (of single) words.

For spellchecking GNOME-Ding will by used a installed aspell-dictionary. For translation, GNOME-Ding will use a own dictionary, that will based on a Ding-Dictionary (Ding-Projekt). At moment, GNOME-Ding will support German/Englisch dictionary and a very simple German/Latin dictionary. The used Ding-Dictionary is a little bit modify, i.e. for better connection with UTF8-Charset. As additional gnome-ding will contain also other dictionaries like de-fr, or en-ar and some more but I need some help to check the correctness of this dictionaries.
As another extension, GNOME-Ding will come with a german thesaurus, based on OOo.

GNOME-Ding is intended by Ding-Projekt, and g2ding from Oliver Grawert.

GNOME-Ding you can easy extend for more languages and dictionaries. The Programm works under Gnome2, a lookup is very easy, only input the word and press the search-button.

GNOME-Ding will distributed under the terms of GPL2

GNOME-Ding is free software, and will distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License, you can it be free used, change and distributed.

screen Screenshots

Gnome-Ding results for a lookup in the German/English-dictionary. The results will group as a list with color highlighting. Also it will shown some information, like the sex of the word and usage. The lookup can be case sensetiv. Bild1
Bild1 By using the thesaurus or spellchecking GNOME-Ding will look like the graphic by side. The search-result will be shown in a list, if possible.
For spellchecking, you can also definine in the preferences dialog some parameter (quality, case sensetiv) for aspell.

downl. Download

Gnome-Ding need a installed Gnome2-Desktop (with Gtk2) and aspell (version 0.50) and grep (version 2.5). I recommend to use Gnome 2.2 or 2.4.

If somewhere will build a debian-package, please send me a mail, that I can distibuted it.
Also, I need a little help for support french/spanish.