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How to use TomeViewer

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What is TomeViewer?

TomeViewer is a utility for Mac OS which can be used to view the contents of installation tomes (like the ones used by system installers and -updaters) and to extract files from such tomes without running the installer/updater.

Where can I get TomeViewer?

TomeViewer is freeware and the latest version (1.3d3) is available for download from - for example -

How to use TomeViewer

To open TomeViewer, doubleclick its icon.
TomeViewer 1.3d3 

Choose File>>>Open... from the menu bar (or press "Command-O")

Select the folder or volume (i.e. a Mac OS installation CD) that contains the tome you want to open.
In case you are using a download Mac OS update, mount the disk image first.

Browse the folder or volume to find the tome.
(When using a Mac OS 9 installation CD or a download update, the system installation tome is usually located at Software Installers>>>System Software>>>Mac OS 9.x.)
Select the tome and click "Open".
Open tome

Alternatively, just drag-and-drop the Tome onto the TomeViewer icon.

Now you get a window displaying the contents of the tome.
Select the file(s) you want to extract (hold the "Option"-key pressed to select more than one file at a time).
File list 

In case you need more information about one or more file(s), highlight it (them) and select Archive>>>Show Info... from the menu bar (or press "Command-I").
Show Info

Once you have selected the file(s) you want to extract, click the button in the top left corner of the window (or select Archive>>>Expand... from the menu bar or press "
Expand button 

You can choose a name and destination for the file(s). In case you selected multiple files (and don't want to change their names), click "All". Otherwise, enter a name and click "Expand" (you can rename and save each file separately).
Save as

The extracted files are now available from the location you saved them to.
In case you extracted extensions or control panels, just drop them onto the System Folder and they will be put in place automatically. However, when replacing other files with the ones you have extracted, it might be advisable to back up the old files first.

What about Mac OS X?

TomeViewer can be used in OS X's classic environment.
However, TomeViewer can't handle Mac OS X package files (.pkg); you would need an application like CharlesSoft's Pacifist to open those files.

Pacifist icon

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