Use these builds only if you need the contained features. Otherwise, use the "official" DOSBox from www.dosbox.com since that is where development takes place.

Please refer to the HTML documentation that comes with the build which can be found in the start menu entry (Windows) or in /docs/html-doc (source).

MB6: Based on SVN r3661 (2010/11/18).
MB5: Based on CVS of 2009/09/13. Several new features, printing to a file amongst them.
MB4: CVS of 2008/09/02.

Modifications in the build:
  • Don't exit on unsupported fullscreen mode
  • Console beep support
  • Paging improvements (experimental)
  • Timer and interrupt latency patch, fixes certain games
  • Reduced CPU usage when idling in command line
  • Add the 'IMGMAKE' command (creates disk images, type imgmake -? in DOSBox for info on this)
  • Make vgaonly features availible to other graphics cards, allow scalers to work in scanline emulation modes when possible
  • Free choice of wether 9-pixel wide characters should be used
  • Add back config option for video memory size - up to 8MB = 1600x1200@32bpp
  • Add DATE and TIME commands, midnight overflow, and host time synchronization (type date /s to activate)
  • Add /B parameter support for the DIR command
  • NE2000 Ethernet passthrough
  • Real hardware OPL chip passthrough
  • Parallel Port passthrough, file rediredtion and Virtual Printer patch, logging enabled
  • Restart capability - ctrl+alt+POS1 or config -r [params] or FJMP F000:FFF0
  • APM poweroff (Win95)
  • Serial FIFO support and logging capability enabled
  • Increase maximum resolution to 1600x1200, add lot's of highres VESA modes
  • Fixes to S3 resolution handling, aspect ratio, enable LDGFXROM (loads video BIOSes, only useful for debugging)
  • Weird video DAC support for the Transgression 2 Demo (tgr2 -hc), in vgaonly mode
  • CGA video memory slowdown
  • DOSBox can load while the splash screen displays
  • FILES= adjustable by Kippesoep
  • Debug-enabled build contained in the Windows installer

Megabuild 6: Windows Installer: Download
Megabuild 6: Intel OSX build compiled by thedoctor45: mediafire.com mirror
Megabuild 6: Source code (Linux line endings): Download

Megabuild 5: Windows Installer: here
Megabuild 5: Intel OSX build compiled by thedoctor45: mediafire.com
Megabuild 4: Windows executable only
Megabuild 4: Some patch files

Previous Windows build (for people having issues with 'share'), to be used with the DLL package