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Last update at: 5, October, 1999

After my Amstad Notepad Computer NC100 had 'drunken' a glass of limonade I had to analyse it. What did I find inside? - read this:

What is inside the Amstrad Notepad Computer? Z80 inside

The ASCII-file "A surgical guide to the Amstrad Notepad Computer" includes a tabel of what is in the NC100, a block diagram, IC's and PCMCIA card connector pinouts!

I don't know the english NC manual but the german one includes only 24 sides about BBC BASIC. Here in germany the BBC BASIC is very unusualy and it was hard to found a book about it. So I take the plan to write my own short (39 sides, German) reference.

I thought that the file manager of the NC is a bit naff and so I try to programm a better one. Do you know PC-Tools for MS-DOS? NC-Tools is a bit like this. I try hard to write a professional software!

Do you want to autostart BBC BASIC programs when the NC will be switched on (by hand or alarm) or save and redraw NC screens and pictures with fast machine code?

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