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* Cross-rips caused by the 'Unexplained Time and Space Phenomenon'. Enter these Gates at your own risk. Thank you for your cooperation. -- The Gatekeeper

* A crossover between Eva 'Magic' Gillmann's storyverse and mine! Lots of fun! And lots of artwork :)
The stories have mature content! That doesn't mean adult though. It means people die, they don't come back in miraculous rebirths and war is not depicted as in the cartoon series! I'm not on a killing spree either; I'm just writing as realistically as I think it should be!
Please bear this in mind! Thank you.
1. Continuity:
The fanfics pick up right after the TF episode 'The Rebirth' and continue along the cartoon story. New characters are introduced, old ones revisited. Reading this you might find some changes I had to make to get this story to fit my idea. I first voted to ignore the whole Targetmaster/Headmaster stuff, but then.... it belongs to the story line of the series and I tend to write by the guidelines given in a show.
2. The Author (that's me!):
My first language is not English, it's German, and though I did my best to proof the stories, there might be grammatical errors or weird sentence structures. Please bear with me; I'm trying to improve all the time. Each story is a finished product and only ties in characters and events from my other fanfics, so those starting to read in the middle and know nothing of what happened previously surely will end up with major confusion.
The legal stuff: Copyrights: The copyrights for Transformers belong to Hasbro and Kenner. The Sentinels and Seekers (not the Decepticon Seekers!), as well as all the characters and races involved with them are my creations. Their copyrights belong to me. The Venerakkin are Jenn Kretch's characters and their copyrights belong to her.