hennichodernich - AVR projects
The AVR-Doper, developed by Objective Development
Backside of the AVR-Doper, almost all discrete parts are SMD parts.
The step-up circuitry. BC848 and BC858.
The I2C-tiny-USB, developed by Till Harbaum
Backside of the I2C-tiny-USB, once more in SMD.
Analysis of I2C signals of I2C-tiny-USB connected to a MAX1069.
One more analysis.
Analysis of I2C signals of a CPLD-based I2C master connected to the MAX1069.
The AVR webserver by Ulrich Radig, in the version of ISA-Ctrl. The V1.40 sources had to be patched quite heavily to fit into the ATmega32.
Backside of the AVR webserver, SMD technology where possible.
A Demoboard for testing SD card access and FAT16 routines. The FAT16 routines from www.mikro-control.de had been extended by me to support successive access to files. This is because I plan to implement an MP3 player using the VS1001.
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