Why Bysios?

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  1. Login as administrator and check, whether Java is already installed:
    • Call Start execute cmd /x
    • Type at the prompt
      java -version
      If you see
      "The command "java" is misspelled or can't be found."

      you havee to install Java.
    • If you see
      java version "1.5.0_03"
      Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_03-b07)
      Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_03-b07, mixed mode, sharing)

      then Java is already installed in the correct Version (1.5).
      "1.5" is crucial at the beginning
      "1.5.1" or "1.6" or higher is also ok.
      Continue at step 3.
    • If you see
      java version "1.4..."

      or 1.3 or even smaller version numbers, you have a somewhat outdated version of Java. In most cases there is no problem in replacing an older version by a newer one. Ask your IT-administrator if unsure.
  2. Java-Installation
    • If you received an usb-disk (probably: USB-Disk F:\), you will find a directory "install", and therein a file "jre-1_5_0_03-windows-i586-p.exe". A doubleclick starts the installation. You are asked to accept the license, choose 'typical installation' and 'next'; at last 'Finish'. The Windows-PC has to be rebooted (not my fault).
  3. bysios-installation:
    • (again: be administrator) Copy the folder 'bysios' from the 'install'-dir to the target you like. This will normally be 'C:\Programs'.
    • Release the folder (inkluding all subfolders) for the planned User:*)
      In the Windows-Explorer click withe the right button the tab 'security'.
      Choose "complete access" for all needed users / accept.
      Strictly speaking: You need write access to the file 'antworten.txt' and for the folder, where the reports go; inside the bysios-folder and in the demo-folder.
    • Login as User.

*) If you are experienced in Windows-administration, and like to use an elaborated rights management, you may use all restrictions Windows offers. Just the data-collector needs strictly write-access to "antworten.txt", which might be placed whereever you like - you just have to modify the startscripts accordingly. If the user like to modify them too, they might create their own ones whereever they like.
have a look at technicals



Evaluation examples

Remarks to the interpretation

Percentvalues are calculated in two steps. All filtered questionaires are counted. The percentvalue for missing answers is based on the number of all forms. If there is an explicit option 'nicht teilgenommen' (not available), this is alos calculated against all Forms. All other percentvalues are generated without missing answers (and without, while present: 'nicht teilgenommen'). Bildschirmfoto Interpretation

The average is generated while leaving out missing Answers, (and maybe without 'nicht teilgenommen'), and is in itself a misleaded teechinque for qualitative answers, because you shouldn't calculate averages on ordinal values. The first column is coded as 0, the second as 1 and so on. An average of 4.6 says, that most answers are 4 or 5 - something between 'good' and 'very good'.
Maybe the values are useful to compare the values between different months, but you shouldn't threat them as meaningful values on their own.
Just more boo-boo is the average on sex and main drug, but for technical reasons there is no distinction in handling of the values.

A graphical Overview about programm and files is to be seen here: program and files

File formats

This informationen might be useful for you for different reasons. Maybe you like to proceed your data with different tools like Spreadsheets, SPSS or R. Or you did an error on data input, and already saved the row. Then you may open the file antworten.txt in the editor, and change it there. Or maybe you like to modify the formulations of text - answers and questions. You might add new own questions or remove existing ones. Then you need to take care on consistency of data in between, and know the format of course. Modification and insertion of questions and answers isn't easy, but possible. The first 6 Questions can't be modified, because the filters in the program are hard coded. Maybe a later version will be more flexible in that direction.


You may take influence on the programs Erfassung and Auswertung by starting it with params.
Not everybody is interested in such features, so you don't need to use them.
But maybe you may save yourself some work this way, or make working with restricted user rights more easy.




name suggestion size dl with 57k modem dl with 1MB DSL
bysios.tar.bz2 Linux 5.5 MB ≈ 15 min ≈ 45s
bysios.zip Windows 5.7 MB ≈ 15 min ≈ 45s

Thanks & third party licenses

This program uses some free libraries in adherence to their licenses. The license for the program itself Lizenz für das Programm selbst finden Sie hier: GPLv3