Observe a HTML-page and inform about changes on it.

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Version 0.8

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The program downloads a html-page in regular intervals, and searches it for regular expressions.
All HTML-tags are removed, and the remaining text is searched for regular expressions, which can be defined in a list.
Matching rows are displayed in a panel, and different alarms may be triggered.
The alarms are repeated when the resultset changed.


The videotextserver alevtd (http://linux.bytesex.org/xawtv)displayed every goal of my favorite footballclub (SVE Trier 05) , but on the long time I got tired, looking 110 minutes the videotext.
Therefor I made this program, which displays, readable from far away the current state of the game, in which I was interessted.
In the beginning it was only able to make some noise, so I needn't always had a look at it.
Later on, I had the idea to leave the scope of the screen, and wanted the state of the game to be read by a computervoice.
This was surprisingly easy with the TextToSpeach - library for Java, but just in english.
I found a german-talking solution (txt2pho and mbrola) for linux, available on the net. (available for other OS, including windows, too).
If you're interested in these libraries, you have to download and install them separatedly, because for every language and platform you need different things, and some of you will not want to have any of them. Initial links for further searches are provided below.
Of course you may use this project in different contextes for different purposes. Mainly it is usable to query often changing webcontent, like news, stock exchange prices, weather and measured data.







Version Goal Date current bin.zip source zip source tar.bz2
0.8 Minor performance improvement 27.1.2007 30 kb 180 kb 110 kb
0.7 Internal code-change: using Java-generics now in SourcePanel 31.06.2006
0.6 Added a checkbox to allow to follow simple redirections 30.11.2005
0.5 Modified Code to use JDK-1.5-language-features 15.11.2005
0.4 GUI: Relayout Tab-3: Action
Bugfix: Avoid Nullpointer-Exception when clicking '-' (remove) while no listentry is selected.
Coding-Style: replace names like 'foo_bar' with 'fooBar'.
removed noisy 'System.out.prinln' - Messages.
0.3 GUI: Tabbed-Pane for Mainwindow
Source: Use englisch identifiers and comments (instead of german)
Bugfix for install (when 'classes' did not exist).
0.2.0 Call extern text-to-speach - program, to read the text via soundcard. 15.11.2003
0.1.0 Initial Applikation Release 15.10.2003

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