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PlEd is a editor, programmable by plugins.
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PlEd is intendet to help to automate tasks of Textmanipulating, which are to special, to be found in ordinary ediors.
It is mainly an interface to be easily extended with own plugins.
Some plugins are shipped for demonstration and stimulus.
To be true, I have to admit, that I would prefer to see my prefered editors to provide such functionality, instead of using two editors.
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  • PlEd is written in Java.
  • - is copyright under the GPL.
  • - is meant for hackers, coders, professionals.
  • - comes with commented source.

Background/ History/ Motivation:

  • On converting text, you often run into easy, but disgusting and boring, mechanic jobs, which tend to repeat.
    For example I like to write german texts with normal vowel-mutations, even if they have to appear in HTML-format as &Xuml;.
    With a normal search-replace - tool, I need 3 dialogs for '', 3 dialogs for '', and another one for ''.
    With PlEd I wrote a plugin within 2 minutes, which did the Job in one Step and will do it again and again.
  • Beside, I could make experiences with regular expressions.
  • Third, I easily wrote a java-indentation-plugin, to change the coding-style to my suits.
  • Pled java 1.4, make
  • for creating your own plugins j2sdk j2sdk
  • for the jdbcPlugin a SQL Database and a suitable jdbc-Driver
Credits, Thanks:
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