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Some time ago a single programmer started to code an Elite Clone called JAELC (Just Another Elite Clone). The goal was to be as close as possible to the original, using the same ship types, stations and gaming concept. Some times later I joined to the project and took the job of creating the 3D models


Currently there is a base version of the "game", which is a little bit old today. The features are creating of a game universe where you can fly with a ship, dock to stations and do basic trade actions (of cause far away from being called a real game).
In addition we developed a Model-Viewer, which represents the current state of the gfx-engine. It can load any Model and show it in the same way, as it looks in the game. With the newest version, you also can fly but there is no further environment to interact (but you can load and fire missiles and lasers)

The Problem

Up to now, this is a 2-Man-Project, but it's about to die because the programmer (the main and only one!) has currently no time to develop and he expects to have also no capacity in the near future. To say it simple: WE NEED HELP!!!
As spoken, we were 2 persons in this project, but I don't have problems when this number raises. My main goal now is to find someone, who has experience in C++, 3D programming and if possible in DirectX to take the main programming task. Everything else depends on this person. If this is solved, we could do a plan and specify some further tasks.
But this should not prevent anybody from cantacting me, if there is interest in supporting this project (independent in which section and with which experience). Currently I'm alone and will not refuse any help which if offered to me.
One important fact: It's a hobby project and it should remain one. So there is nothing to earn than glory and honor ;)

Some further details:
Status update:
12.02.2008: The ModelViewer has been compiled successfully with VC2008 Express. Additionaly a programmer offered his help. At the moment he is not very familiar with DirectX, so we are looking for help furthermore. But the continuation of the project has a high chance now.

If you are interested to help, send a short mail to jaelcbase@arcor.de

Of course I will also answer to any questions


And now some screenshots

(click them for larger images)

First there are some ships (not all). The texturing is only basic for many of them so there is a large potential for optimizations.The pictures are rendered in Cinema, not in the game engine.
Adder Cobra1 Cobra3 Ferdelance Gecko
Krait Sidewinder Transporter Viper Worm

Then there are some stations. The first picture shows the Coriolis, the largest station available. Currently this object is in redesign (again!), you can imagine the final version when looking at the to and left side. The other stations are smaller ones. The last picture shows an asteroid, but different to the other models, this will not have this sharp edges in the gfx-engine (see the Viewer screenshots below)
Coriolis Station1 Station2 Asteroid

Now there are some Viewer screenshots. The first two shows the Cobra1 (in the ship screenshots above the one most right in the top line). On the second picture you can see mounted lasers, missiles and position lights, which are dynamically appended.
The last 3 pictures are a newer version of the viewer. They show the Ferdelance (left beside the Cobra1 above) in an asteroid field (always the same asteroid!). You can see also different dynamic coloring and fired lasers in the last picture.
screen01 screen02 screen03 screen04 screen05

Finally some shots from the game. On the first, you see a construction on an asteroid. The last both pictures show views of planets and moons.
screen10 screen11 screen12