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Hello my friend. My name is Karlheinz Langguth. These pages are there to share a few thoughts and interests with you. I have found a lot of useful hints and answers searching the Internet. So I am trying to be a part of this world spanning information pool. Hopefully you'll find something interesting here.


29. December 2014 Released OrbDemo V1.1.
6. July 2013
Released TargetD64 V0.4.1.
15. January 2011 Released PhotoOverflight V1.2.


SuSE icon Running SuSE Linux 10.1 as updated from SuSE Linux 10.0
Erfahrungen mit meinem Scaleo T A64 X2 38 von Siemens Fujitsu (aka Deutschland PC)
TargetD64 icon TargetD64 - an universal C64 archive related emulator frontend
OrbDemo icon OrbDemo - a small OpenGL demo written in C++
Click here to go to PhotoOverflight demo
PhotoOverflight - XNA 4.0 demo written in C#
linux icon Running a Server with SuSE Linux for Small Office Connectivity
linux icon Running SuSE Linux on a Scenic Mobile 710 notebook
contact icon How to contact me

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