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an universal C64 archive related converter tool and emulator frontend

These are my TargetD64 pages. To understand what TargetD64 actually is you need knowledge about the C64 emulation scene. There is a newsgroup comp.emulators.cbm where you can get hints. There should also be a comp.emulators.cbm FAQ on the web. Please use a search engine to find it. If you are more or less familiar with C64 emulation you can start with the Introduction page to get an insight.

These pages have a plain design. Anyhow I am quite sure that they are proper to present TargetD64 to you.

6.07.2013 Released V0.4.1, now officially supporting linux x86_64, Windows 8 and implode zip compression.
26.07.2010 Released V0.4.0, now compiling with latest compiler versions (gcc 4.5, VS2010) and ark support and new command line arguments for D64 image name and format string.
10.12.2006 Released V0.3.3, now compiling with latest compiler versions (gcc 4.1, VS2005) and finally build is based on autoconf. Fixed a few bugs.
14.10.2003 Released V0.3.2 to merge Linux hotfix V0.3.1 to Windoze. Now we have a common version for source and binary packages again. Also fixed a few bugs.

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