Tour 2014
 Neuer Kontinent: Südamerika Peru Chile

Experience with PeruMotors, Arequipa: 

Back from a self guided tour (2 weeks with rental bikes from Peru Motors, Arequipa) this evaluation should help people who intend to make similar trips with Peru Motors. 

We have booked two bikes and accommodation in one package.
Accommodation was ok, mostly mid class hotels. Evaluation of the Motorbikes (BMW, new model GS 650F) is difficult: Beginning of the tour: During hand over, one of the bikes could no be started, clutch lever was broken, Lars changed the bike (1st time). End of day one: battery low, electric problems, just managed to reach the hotel. Lars delivered spare parts, repaired the bike by myself. Replacement of bike was not possible due rock slide blocked the main road, 2nd day bike stopped due broken alterator in the desert 100km from Nasca. We managed to reach the hotel in Nasca after 4 hours, broken bike was parked in the desert. Spend half day with organization. 4th day Lars organized a the replacement of the broken bike. 6th day the replaced bike sputtered in high altitude and motor stopps several times, lost confidence. 8th day: another bike was offered. With this 3rd bike I end the tour. Lars had no ideas what are the reason for this special problem. I found in the internet that other guys had still the same problem with this type of BMW (high altitude, long distances, over heating of petrol pump?). We are very frustrated about Peru Motors due low maintenance and low knowledge about their own bikes. Lars offered no compensation: I can not recommend Peru Motors at all. FYI: have done a lot of self guided tours with rental bikes all over the world but never had this bad experience.


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