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Camp Concordia was the first POW camp in Kansas and was the largest.  The highest population of POWs was 4,027 in November 1943.  The figure of 5,000 POWs is the total number that passed through the camp.  Some were moved to Altus, OK, Camp Atlanta, NE, Ft. Riley, and when the camp closed many were sent to camps in Colorado and Indiana.  The hospital at Camp Concordia is of interest.  The German doctors, dentist and medics treated both Germans and Americans.  All of the nurses at the hospital were Americans and only the chief nurse was in the American Army, the others were civilians.

It started a group in Concordia, POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society,  to preserve what they can of Camp Concordia.  The goal is to preserve some of the camp site.  The Officer's Club, a warehouse, the watertower base, the stone guard tower (built by the German POWs), some stone work, and some cement slabs are all that remain.  They have located the building that was the main gate guard post and returned it to the camp site. They plan to restore it in the near future.  They would like to build a Camp Concordia Museum at the site

Camp Concordia : German Pows in the Midwest, 
by Lowell A. May
Reunion at Camp Concordia
Concordia POW Camp

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