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Fort Sam Houston
The cemetery at Fort Sam Houston contains the graves of 144 Axis soldiers, mostly Germans but also a few Austrians, Japanese and Italians. The cemetery is located south of the POW camp at Fort Sam Houston. 

The POWs are buried in the section Z-A marked with a red square in the lower right corner of the map. The POW camp was about 300 meters north of the north side of the cemetery. Today, the cemetery is about four times as large as it appears on the map.

This photograph shows the cemetery in 1953. The burial site for the POWs is at the lower right, near the sharp curve in the road. The graves are surrounded by a rectangle of trees. The cemetery extends far to the right of the road today.

Mr. Karl-Heinz Blumenthal took this picture at the beginning of 1970 with a 35mm wide-angle camera.

In the Picture from the front up to the street (in center) are, as best Mr. Blumenthal can remember, about 35- 45 German POW gravesides. The cemetery administration office informed him that after the end of the war many of the deceased POWs were brought here from different POW camps.
During his time in Huntsville, 1943 and 1944, at Fort Sam Houston one comrade from each camp was buried in or just outside the camp. One person told him, that in the beginning a symbolic fence surrounded the graveyard.


Many thanks to Mr. John Manguso and Mr. Karl-Heinz Blumental for their pictures and informations as well.



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