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Tatura German Military Cemetery

The German Military Cemetery was sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany and was officially consecrated by the German ambassador, his excellency Dr. Hans Mühlenfeld, on 16. November 1958.

The cemetery contains the remains of 250 who died in Australia during the two world wars. These comprise 239 civilian internees and 11 prisoners of war (10 army, 1 merchant navy). All of whom were brought from other cemeteries in Australia, to be interred in this final resting place.

Each grave is marked by a bronze plaque bearing the deceased's name and date of death. The iron cross signifies the grave of a prisoner-of-war and the Latin cross that of a civilian internee.

A monument and memorial plaque located within the cemetery record the names of 27 Germans buried elsewhere in Australia and also commemorates 129 catholic and 45 protestant missionaries.

This cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission through the Office Of Australian War Graves on behalf of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge.



NameRankPlace of death
Max ErberHandelsschiffs-OffizierCamp Tatura
Johannes HauboldFeldwebelCamp Murchison
Adolf HeintzObergefreiterHospital Waranga
Werner JunghanssOberleutnantHospital Murchison
Max KrügerSchützeHospital Waranga
Erich Gustav Heinrich MeyerObergefreiterHospital Perth
Heinz PaulGefreiterHospital Heathcote
Erich Hans PuschnusOberleutnantTatura
Robert ScheplerObergefreiterCamp Victoria
Karl SchwabSoldatGoulburn
Tobias TschurtschenthalerObergefreiterHospital Waranga



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