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After many requests I have finally decided to start the new adventure of creating a website to show my quilts to those people who cannot come and see them "in person". This is possible only with the help of Axel Bug who´s patience is legendary.

Having traveled and lived with my family in several countries we have found that most friendships were started through patchwork and quilting. This craft is a great ice breaker and the mutual interest in fabric and color is a wonderful way to meet people everywhere.

Gregor´s Crib Quilt 1982The first contact with patchwork was made through a Norwegian friend when we lived in Mexico in 1981-82. This is where my first quilt was sewn, a baby quilt for our son. My husband Michael cut the hexagon templates out of yogurt containers, the batting was a piece of flannel which of course shrunk much more than the other fabrics. Nevertheless, the quilt withstood countless washings and is still in fairly good condition and much treasured.

Gregor´s Crib Quilt 1982

Back in Germany many techniques and patterns had to be tried and learned. Only a few of these quilts remained in my possession.

From Heart to Heart 1995
"From Heart to Heart" 1995
136×136cm / 54"×54"
Design: Michael Tacke
Technique: Log Cabin
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Sunflower Star 1996
"Sunflower Star" 1996 *
144×144cm / 58"×58"
Trad. Block Double Aster
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Ocean 1997
"Ocean" 1997 *
107×122cm / 43"×49"
Machine sewn, hand appliquéd and quilted
Birds and Baskets 1995
"Birds and Baskets" 1995
Machine sewn, hand appliquéd,
machine and hand quilted and embroidered

In 1997 we returned to Mexico, this time to stay for 5 years. Mexico with its incredible colors and color combinations has definitely had a strong influence on my quilts.

Sunny Side Up 1997
"Sunny Side Up" 1997 *
114cm (Hexagon) 46"
Technique: 60º Log Cabin
Machine sewn quilted
Mexico I 1997
"Mexico I" 1997 *
178×137cm / 71"×55"
Machine sewn, hand appliquéd,
embroidered and quilted
Chevron 1997
"Chevron" 1997 *
144×130cm / 58"×52"
Material: Silk
Technique: Log Cabin
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Rose Trellis 1998
"Rose Trellis" 1998 *
78×78cm / 31"×31"
as taught by my friend Rosemarie Reinelt
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Glorious 9 Patch 1998
"Glorious 9 Patch" 1998 *
72x72cm / 29"x29"
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Ojos de Dios 1999
"Ojos de Dios" 1999
112×112cm / 45"×45"
Traditional block "Merry England"
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Kaleidoscope Stars 2000
"Kaleidoscope Stars" 2000 *
91×91cm / 36"×36"
Technique: Stack'n Whack by B. Reynolds
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Tianguis 2000
"Tianguis" 2000
124×89cm / 50"×37"
(Tianguis is the Nauatl word for market)
Machine sewn, hand appliquéd and quilted

A new door was opened for me when I took a class in Hawaiian Appliqué and Design with Mary Haunani Cesar during the Houston Quilt Festival one year. I am still fascinated by the possiblities of design and the colors in Hawaiian quilts.

Noche Buena 1999
"Noche Buena" 1999 **
136×136cm / 54"×54"
Hawaiian Appliqué
Hand appliquéd and quilted
Periwinkle 2001
"Periwinkle" 2001 */**
145×145cm / 58"×58"
Hawaiian Appliqué
Hand appliquéd and quilted

In 1999 I combined my favourite quilt technique and my favourite flowers in a series of Log Cabin Rose Quilts (see "Quilting Today" #84, 11/2001).

Log Cabin Rose 1999
"Log Cabin Rose" 1999 ***
81x141cm / 32"x56"
Technique: folded Log Cabin
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Rosa Mantequilla 1999
"Rosa Mantequilla" 1999 *
75×75cm / 30"×30"
Technique: folded Log Cabin
Machine sewn, hand quilted
Log Cabin Rose 2001
"Log Cabin Rose" 2001 *
71×71cm / 28½"×28½"
Technique: folded Log Cabin
Machine sewn, hand quilted

Through Hawaiian Quilts I became interested in other styles and methods of hand appliqué and the combination of different styles such as the reverse appliqué used in the Molas of the Kuna Indians of Panama.

Autumn Leaves 2002
"Autumn Leaves" 2002 */***
116×116cm / 46"×46"
Hawaiian and Mola Appliqué
Hand quilted
Pomme Granate 1999
"Pomme Granate" 1999 *
92×92cm / 37"×37"
Machine pieced, hand quilted
Jungle Tree 2000
"Jungle Tree" 2000 *
110×98cm / 44"×39"
Technique: Stack'n Whack by B. Reynolds (machine sewn), Hand appliquéd and quilted
Trip to Sedona 2002
"Trip to Sedona" 2002
155×155cm / 61"×61"
Machine sewn, hand quilted
adapted from a J.Beyer pattern
Scherenschnitte 2002
"Scherenschnitte" 2002 ***
115×115cm / 45"×45"
Hand appliquéd, hand quilted,
hand dyed fabrics
Crazy about Africa 2003
"Crazy about Africa" 2003 *
131×131cm / 51"×51"
crazy patchwork by machine,
mola appliqué by hand,
hand-beading and quilting

I would like to say the quilt "Crazy about Africa" was inspired by our move to South Africa but as a matter of fact the mola blocks were sewn for classes taught in Mexico and Germany and the African fabrics were purchased at quilt festival in Houston before we knew we would be moving to South Africa in 2003.

Garden Creatures 2004
"Garden Creatures" 2004
120×120cm / 48"×48"
Hand-appliqué, hand-embroidered
and hand-quilted
Garden Creatures was a "block-of-the-month 2003" project for "The Seven Sisters", my quilt group in Germany. There are more photos to follow as soon as the sisters finish their quilts.


  "Snowflake " 
Free fold-and-cut-pattern
Freies Faltschnitt-Muster

*  = quilt for sale
**  = can be reproduced
***  = (block)pattern for sale

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