25.02.2009:Triterra is in the process of receiving a makover. The planet has been remade and a number of founding concepts are being altered.

21.09.2008: Our current campaign "Temple resurrection, the rebirth of Nimite" has been converted to the Pathfinder Beta rules and all material on this site will be converted where necessary. The Beta rules are a 3,5 compatable set of rule improvements that my group and I have found to be a great enrichment. For any who don't know who or what Paizo is, it's the company that published the famed "Dungeon" and "Dragon" magazines. The Beta rules are free and can be downloaded at Paizo's website. (Link)

Triterra - a new extreme in three dimensions

A world of floating continents, where demigods walk the land and enlist mortal help in their struggles for divine and economic power. A richly detailed world where the elements have a divine presence and their worshippers battle for balance… or supremacy. A world with few restrictions, where goblin or elf could be savage or cultured, where various magical systems operate hand in hand.

Over years of development and play testing, Triterra has been created with the Dungeon Master’s and players’ creativity in mind. Do you imagine naval battles in the air or underground? Does a player dream of becoming an immortal?

And it’s not finished. There’s still room for you to influence the development and creation of Triterra and the Core Space where it exists. On this site you’ll find detailed descriptions of Triterra aimed to spark your own creativity and make it easy to run a campaign here.

Do you want to contribute to the project or have you already taken up Triterra as your campaign world and want to share your own additions with the rest of the world? Then drop me a note at and I will post appropriate submissions on this site.

Our Triterra campaign and a few others make use of the forum "Rollenspielgruppe" (Role playing group) to set up game sessions, post campaign journals, discuss rules, etc. Anyone interested in contributing to Triterra can join the forum.

All maps on this site are made with Campaign Cartographer

Last Updated: 25.02.2009