Small Killough Platform built with Lego

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Up Home Medium Killough Platform

Small Killough Platform Building Instructions
The first time I saw this sort of design for a mobile robot platform was on Leo's Lego Page.
Unfortunately I did not have the wheels he proposed in his design, therefore I built my own. I think this is one of the smallest designs for a Killough Platform (search for Stephen Killough) or Omnidirectional Holonomic Platform possible to build with Lego without modifying any Lego parts.
Two other designs can also be found: A monster from Doug's LEGO Robotics Page and another monster :-).
Sorry to call them monsters, but they really are!

As I have not used the original spherical wheels, but cylindrical wheels instead, the movement of the platform is not very smooth as the distance to the floor of the axels change, when they rotate! But this platform is able to move all the fancy ways like the big ones can! It can drive into any direction without having to turn and can rotate in place (compare this to a tank, which can drive into two directions and rotate in place). I programmed the RCX using Not Quite C

Up Home Medium Killough Platform

Markus Matern, October 2002