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Screenshot of ips XP 1.11.2600

What is ips XP?

ips XP compares two (or more) binary files (source file(s) and target file) and creates an Ips Patch from the result. This Ips patch can then applied to the source file(s) to transform them into the target file.
This can be used by programmers as an easy way to provide their costumers with updates of their programs so that they don't need to download the full program, but only the Ips Patch.
This can also be used to compare two console Roms (e.g. original and translated Rom) and then only distribute the resulting Ips Patch instead of the full translated Rom.



This program requires the Visual Basic 6 Service Pack 5 Runtimes. If you don't have them, download them below from my site or directly from MS.
You also need to have Internet Explorer 6 installed.


ips XP 1.11.2600 (812.410 bytes)
Download from

Visual Basic 6 Runtimes Service Pack 5 (required!)
Download from MS

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