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Welcome to the official home of Lakacua! ^_^

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Reasons to hate the Pink Spore
Now with LIVE inquisition! >:-) (requires Java+Frames)
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The Truth is here
Go here to see how the Pink Spore *really* looks

The battle stories have been moved to the Fanfic section.

Our honorable members

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Again, the ever-growing members list has become even longer by the immense popularity of Lakacua (heh ^_^), so I put it now on three separate pages. Click on the links above to access the members list.

Member count: 240

If you want to join as well, email me.

"Fan"art section
now with thumbnails ^_^

Please read the Submission Guidelines before submitting your "Fan"art.
Currently 12 fanart pics and 6 logos.

Sailor Pluto demonstrating correct waste disposal

The Pink Spore as she *should* be
Here you can find pics of Teen Chibi-Usa and Sailor Sun ^_^ Take a look.

Reasons to shave the Pink Spore's head
Now 52 items.

Fanfic section
Currently 25 fanfics, 3 songs and 2 poems.

The Official Bad Toys
for Chibi-Usa to play with!! Now 362 items ^_^

Dumbass reasons
Look here to see why the "Reasons why Chibi-Usa is the Greatest" from those C.U.T.E. dumbasses suck really bad.

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Moon kicks ass   Ass-kicking sites:

Check out my Minako Quake mod on Planetquake ^_^
Actual version: 2.14

Active Anime Sites Now Lakacua is even listed on a Japanese link list ^_^ Check it out here.
Hitoshi Doi's Homepage Lots of info about Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach and many other cool series A site dedicated to the fabulous Lum - Urusei Yatsura series
Amber Anime Archive Lots of high quality pics from many cool series (e.g. Battle Athletess)
Anipike The Anime Web Turnpike
Mars Fan's Sailor Moon Page Tons of SM wallpapers 640 * 480

Other Pink Spore hate pages:
Anti Chibi-Usa
Project CUBE
Down with Pink
Please shoot Chibi-Usa
Haruka Shinra's page
The Chibi Project

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