Transformations and Attacks


Moon Power!

No transformation like the others, rather a disguise. I raise the disguise pen, shout out as who I want to be disguised and the transformation starts immediately. The disguise allows me to enter places where I normally couldn't go.

Moon Prism Power, make up!

This is my transformation during the first season and the first half of R. It's a very detailled transformation where first my body suit appears, then the other parts of my sailor fuku while I pose with each part of my body and finally my tiara and the two red gems on my odangos.

Moon Crystal Power, make up!

In the second half of R, I use this transformation. It is similar to the first, but here wings appear in the beginning and feathers are floating down.

Moon Cosmic Power, make up!

This is the transformation I have in S. A pink energy heart encircles me and swirls around me while I transform.

Crisis, make up!

After I got the holy grail later in S, I can transform from Sailor Moon to Super Sailor Moon by using it.

Moon Crisis, make up!

In SuperS, I don't need to be Sailor Moon first anymore to transform into Super Sailor Moon.

Moon Eternal, make up!

In Sailor Stars, I can transform into Eternal Sailor Moon which is my final form. At the beginning I'm still powered up by all the Senshi, but then I get the Eternal Compact and can transform all by myself.


Moon Tiara Action!

This is how I attack my enemies in the first season. I take my tiara, transform it into a golden disk (kinda like a frisbee) and throw it at my target which kills or paralyzes it.

Moon Tiara Stardust!

It's more of a healing attack which I only used once to change back all the victims of the Chanel Youma at once.

Moon Healing Escalation!

Using my Moon Stick, I draw a glistening cirle around myself which transforms youmas back into humans.

Moon Princess Halation!

During R, I swing around the Cutie Moon Rod and then fire with it at my enemies to destroy them.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack!

In S, I swirl around the Heart Spiral Rod, do a series of figures which ends in the rod shooting out a swarm of rotating hearts, and the enemy is crushed by a giant pink heart.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!

This is a stronger version of the Moon Spiral Heart Attack. It has butterflies and rainbow colors, and when the demon is crushed by the giant pink heart, you can see a rainbow.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation!

For this attack in SuperS, I use the Moon Kaleidoscope. This attack requires Pegasus to light up the Moon Kaleidoscope, and the final effect is that mirror shards appear which kill the enemy.

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!

When I'm Eternal Sailor Moon, I use the Moon Tier for this attack. It vanquishes all evil with light.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!

This is my attack from before, powered up by Chibi-Chibi.