ModernView • A free OpenGL image viewer

With ModernView viewing or presenting images looks professional and is fun too thanks to a modern graphics card and a streamlined user interface. ModernView can zoom and pan large images extremely smoothly (especially on 120 Hz displays) without downsizing the image. It displays all common image formats including GIF and RAW (via WIC codecs), offers a planar panorama/standard slideshow and supports multi-displays/fullscreen with full functionality. Thumbnail preview, mouse/keyboard configuration, 2D-scrollbar panning, selection zooming, a magnifier and the display of select metadata are nice-to-have features as well.


Windows 8/7/Vista (XP not recommended)
NET Framework 3.5 (included in Windows 7)
4 GB RAM (strongly recommended)
Multi-core CPU (strongly recommended)
Fast graphics adapter with 512+ MB video memory (slow Intel Graphics not recommended)
5-button mouse with quality middle click (recommended)
OpenGL 1.5 (all modern ones will do)

ModernView 3.1.1 (539 KB)

Download forced 32 bit version (for Intel Graphics since their 64 bit OpenGL driver might crash)
Download auto detect 32/64 bit version (recommended for ATI/NVIDIA Graphics)
ModernView runs without installation (Mobile version).

Version 3.1.1 changes

Added Toggle half/full GIF speed
Minor changes and fixes

Version 3.1.0 changes

Added mouse wheel and alternate keyboard scrolling
Extended configuration options again
Fixed reset input remapping

Version 3.04 changes

Fixed Load Panorama issue (allow minimum setting 0.0 for aspect ratio)
Fixed rare file size display bug

Version 3.03 changes

Fixed Sort by aspect ratio for auto rotated images
Added options Sort by file extension and As provided
Added Lock zoom to mouse click options

Version 3.02 changes

Fixes metadata issues with Microsoft's RAW codecs
Fixes Interactive Panorama slideshow issues
Fixes cosmetic bugs
Default homepage changed to

Version 3.0 changes

New vastly extended UI options including mouse/keyboard configuration
New standard and planar panorama slideshow with smooth auto panning
New comfortable panorama surfing mode
New advanced lock zoom mode
Improved animation and rendering
30+ additions/enhancements to thumbnail/metadata section
Bug fix for confusing, wrong and very slow metadata sorting (ModernView appears hung)
Bug fix for rare threading crashes when loading new image list
Lots of other improvements and fixes


ModernView (at)
Jens Duenow
Ruegener Str. 13
13355 Berlin