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Seti2HTML, V1.0

Seti2HTML is an extension to Oliver Scheit's SetiHide caching and monitoring tool.

- Generates a HTML page of your current Seti@Home progress.

- Automated FTP Upload

- Local Output

Of course I am using this tool myself. Just have a look at the output here.

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AK Voice Recognition for HomeSeer, V1.5

Control all your devices with only 5 automatically generated HS events!

- Supports flexible voice commands like "turn on the living room light", "living room light on", "dim living room light to 52%" etc.

- Timed events. Use commands like "in ten minutes turn on office fan for 25 minutes".

- Status control. Just ask HS "what's the status of kitchen light?" or just "kitchen light?".

- Full direct dimming support. Based on the settings in HS, the scripts will send the correct dimming commands to your devices. Standard X10 lamp modules will receive a "dim to xx%, bright first" and Leviton switches will get their preset dim commands.

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AK Email Handling for HomeSeer, V1.21

Control your devices via email or mobile phone (SMS).

- Feedback function. All commands will generate a feedback message, sent to the initiator of the command.

- Multiple commands. You can send a list of commands with one mail.

- Integrated help function. The scripts include a fully customizable help text that is sent to the initiator on request.

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AK WAP Scripts for HomeSeer, V1.01

Control your devices via your WAP enabled cell phone.

- Dynamic ASP pages.

- Real time monitoring and control. All location based ASP pages are constantly updated.

- Only one permanent HS event needed.

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PView 1.05

Small Viewer for customized status messages and/or pics.

- Displays an Image, Text or both.

- External Application. Since this app is not system modal, it allows your scripts to continue after issuing a message box.

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