KDE Application Development

KCorrMeter is a correlation meter. It is used to display the quality of an audio stereo signal. Sound engineers will definitely have seen such a tool in the studio and know how to use it.

You can use it to adjust the head of your tape machine. If it isn't mounted in the right angle this will show up.

If you ever wanted to find out if an audio signal is a stereo or mono signal. This is the tool for you.

Non - sound engineers might use it as well and like the visualisation effects.

=== ChangeLog ====
KCorreMeter is and was based on a program named KStereo. At the time written by P. Hullmann for KDE 1.x as far as I remember.
First I ported it to KDE 2 and added a VU-Meter. That was in 2001
But KDE 3.x came along and I ported it again. But not long afterwards it would not work anymore. It was based on OSS and something must have changed. I never bothered to find out but started to port it to ALSA.< br/> This was back in the summer of 2002. But I didn't get it to work right away until now I never found the time to have another look at it.
But here we go. Last weekend I made a new attempt and hey, I fixed all of the annoying bugs I know of. There is always room for improvement. We'll see.
So as of today - in the middle of February 2006 - it works with the ALSA and I finally removed OSS support which didn't work anymore anyway. For people interested how this was done, left the old sources on the server.
And whilst debugging I added somehting which I left in as an easter egg.
So that means I managed to get it working right before KDE 4.x comes along. Just made it ;).