Traditional Ugandan dress - Gomesi

Ugandan traditional dresses are very colorful and on the picture above you can see an example of a dress called Gomesi. You will not find this typical Ugandan style anywhere else in the world.


Traditional dress for men
Traditional dress for ladies

Men wearing Kanzu

On the pictures above you can also see the traditional way of dressing for men. The long white shirt is called Kanzu and it is always worn with a coat (mostly black). On right picture you can see another colorful Gomesi. It is one piece of material and you use a belt to tie it.

So even if the "dress-code" has changed and dressing ranges from business costumes to casual wear like jeans and t-shirts - if you visit some important old places, traditional places like Kasubi tombs - as a lady you should make sure to wear a skirt.

Kasubi Tombs
U need a skirt in Kasubi Tombs


In many stores you can also find west-african dresses - which are also lovely and colorful, so if you want some african-styled dresses - check out at one of the many stores in Kampala and choose between different styles and colors.

African Style
African Style


But there are also other styles of traditional dresses which are worn by Karamojong people or traditional dancers.




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