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About Mascyma

Mascyma {is,will be} a frontend for the CAS MAXIMA (formerly known as DOE MACSYMA). Its aim is to be as user-friendly as possible (unlike all other Brummulk projects, which only serve one different particular cause, virtually always neglecting user-friendliness). In particular, it is designed to replace a certain proprietary CAS often used at school here (read: in Germany, or at least at our school). This does not mean there will not be features not found in other CASes (well, of course, there will only be features supported by MAXIMA - duh!). We just want to prevent the students (and teachers) from having to buy something which also has a freely available alternative with merely a really ugly user interface. Besides, MAXIMA is Free Software, so it is something to be spread and improved.

The Name

In case you haven't got it yet, the name »Mascyma« is a pun on the name MACSYMA, implying that Mascyma is a mask (frontend) for MACSYMA/MAXIMA.

Technical Notes

Mascyma is written in Python and based on the GIMP Toolkit via PyGTK and uses matplotlib. Its architecure was designed so as to support both multiple backends and multiple frontends, but currently the only usable backend is based on GNU Maxima, whose name is, of course, the basis of Mascyma's.

MAXIMA is written in Lisp.


Screenshots are now available!