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· The chinese Translation of Practical mod_perl Coding Guide now available online

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Yes, Life is not only Living...

Currently I play as a freelance at most time.

Once I was working in Netease, as the leader of its Antispam Team. Netease is the largest free email provider in China, has many millions of subscribed users. On there I learned and mastered much knowledge about email Antispam. Their email systems are called as Coremail System, which is one of the largest email platform on this world.

Before I came to Netease, I worked in Sina. Sina is the biggest web portal in China. It has good reputation for the news and sports report, like CNN in USA. But currently Sina is well known too for its Web2.0 applications like blogs.

I'm living in Guangzhou (the city's old name is Canton), which is in South China, and is the third biggest city of China. Here the weather is hot all the year. I was born in Hunan province. My hometown is beautiful with mountains and rivers. In wintertime, there is snow. I love snow, but I never saw it in Guangzhou. I think of there always.

I translated the book of 'Squid The Definitive Guide'(html) to Chinese, under the authorization of Duane Wessels, who is Squid's creator, and also this book's writer. And I wrote a Perl module Net::Squid::ReverseProxy for setting up a reverse proxy with Squid quickly. I translated part of a mod_perl book to Chinese, coming from Stas Bekman's 'Pratical mod_perl'(pdf). Under the helps of Stas, this Chinese book is released on Apache's site. I also made a Chinese intro to 'RFC 821'(pdf), which is the basic SMTP protocol description.

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·»  with email: pangj@arcor.de

·»  with AOL Instant Messenger: jeffpang

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