Welcome to my list of links and materials which I hope will give teachers (and pupils) some more ideas of what to do with J.K. Rowling's books and how to approach them in the classroom.

Items that deal with the whole series are listed under the first heading, "Harry Potter". Volume-specific items are listed under the respective title. - Enjoy!

  • MP3 download: Jim Dale reads from Chapter 12 (2.8 MB) (Brit. hardcover ed. pp. 155-157): The beginning of the Sorting Ceremony, including the Sorting Hat's song; this audio file link has been provided by salon.com (over five minutes, preceded by a 20-second-long commercial)

  • The fifth instalment of Harry Potter hit bookshelves on 21 June 2003.
    It is even longer than the last, at 255,000 words. Goblet Of Fire, the fourth Potter outing, was 191,000.
    Nigel Newton, chief executive of Bloomsbury Publishing, said: "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is absolutely superb and will delight all JK Rowling's fans. She has written a brilliant and utterly compelling new adventure."
    Teasingly, the publishers have revealed Harry will be told a secret which will change his world forever. [more ...]

  • "Under her Spell" - review of HP5 by Nicholas Lezard in the Guardian
    Excerpt: "It is a phenomenon that one struggles to imagine the more austere cultural critics commentating on without perplexity. What would Walter Benjamin have had to say about it? Or Karl Kraus? That its popularity was a symptom of a mass regression to infancy, perhaps? It may constitute a desire for a temporary flight from adulthood, but that isn't exactly the same thing. And besides, what highbrow critic ever dismissed Wagner because of his use of magical elements? (" Tristan is rubbish because it has a love-potion in it. Discuss.")" (28 June 2003)

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