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If you like to exchange with other researcher's or if you want to post a query, make use of the different messageboards we present at [ Contact & Exchange ] or click at one of the village names scrolling through this page above (IE only). We regularly meet at the "Karlswalde Chat" - every first Sunday of the month at 8 p.m. UTC - Universal Time Coordinated (the same as GMT)! Please, go to the [ Contact & Exchange ] page to receive more information about this... Hope to meet you!


Introduction (updated 10-Mar-2002)
Please read some basic information, research tips and possible faults for locating villages and using the following pages

History (updated 26-Sep-2004)
Old and new documents, letters, interviews, stories and reports about visits to Karlswalde

Maps & Photos (updated 28-Jun-2002)
Gives you an image of the area, including pictures and drawings of Karlswalde (same site
with preview - slow)

Research (updated 19-Mar-2003)
Find names of persons on lists for several villages near Ostrog, upload genealogical information about your ancestors

Contact & Exchange (updated 22-Aug-2007)
Get in contact with other researcher's via email list or message board, meet in the Karlswalde chat area or subscribe to our Newsletter

Links (updated 27-Jun-2002)
Maybe helpful when seeking for further information that you have not found on the Karlswalde Web Pages

Personal (updated 11-Sep-2001)
About me and my personal research interest

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Listen to Ukrainian music
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