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thee download/mp3/soundfiles-page not only for the site you came from:
(a prae-kraut pandaemonium, D:U:R, siemers, endless zen with albrecht/d., obscured by krauts...)
but for a lot of rarely heard music:
selten gehörte musik:
obscure and/or long lost sounds:
that a fan and some friends wish to share with other fanatics for free.
all you purists be aware:
fluxus meets german 60s garage meets punk meets...

please find some technical notes and contact information at the bottom of this page.

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and as i was drifting past the lorelei:
i heard those slinky sirens wail: oooh.....

the prae-kraut pandaemonium: meanwhile more than 300 german or at least old european garage punk tracks from the 60s have been saved on this eternally ongoing vinyl series: underground classics, frenzy delirium and prisoners of the beat: two tracks from the not so short short-list for forthcoming editions can be found here: a rough copy of the possible linernotes is included:

the skins: it´s too late (2,1 mb)
the skins: i need you (2,8 mb)

though the skins did not win the beat contest of the city of frankfurt/main in 1966 they cut the other contenders to shreds with the most frantic version of a kinks classic ever heard. "i need you" was recorded live on location, while "its too late" is a cryptic studio recording: a version of a small faces b-side, that sounds modder than the creation. it was released on one of the meanwhile unaffordable "beat in stereo"-lps that no one bought back in the 60s because only german bands were featured on them... werch ein illtum! (august bebel, 2003)


the few people tripping over this page of course all do love the soft machine:
or at least they should.

the soft machine: a monolith: ein stein
sunglasses after dark: very loud
kick start the organ
kick out
and soft: may i
sit and stare at you
for a while
and machine: stare at you

kafka ayler rotten

listen: angry young man!

and connected to:
oh, freuden der aufzählung:
kim fowley, brian eno, throbbing gristle, jimi hendrix, john stevens, nico, lol coxhill:
heroes: if you should ever need some...

no: serious:
though we all own most of the official soft machine releases
and though a lot of long lost live and studio recordings
are unearthed and edited by brian and hugh hopper on a rather regular basis
(so many thanks to them: i never even dared to hope to ever be listening to these sounds)
there still are a few tracks that remain to be re-discovered:
here is one of them:

in 1970, on the 28th of june, soft machine played at the kralingen festival
near rotterdam in the netherlands.
you can hear mike ratledge on keyboards, hugh hopper on bass,
elton dean on woodwinds and robert wyatt drumming and vocalizing.
this version of "esther´s nose-job" was only released on the bootleg some dutch hippie activists made available short after the festival. besides the soft machine it featured jefferson airplaine, the flock, quintessence, pink floyd, canned heat, family, dr. john, it´s a beautiful day, santana and country joe.

esther´s nose-job   (5,6 mb)

when in 1961 daevid allen asked mr. william s. burroughs for his permission
to use the name "the soft machine"
all he answered was: "can´t see whaa not!"...
and i hope of course the members of soft machine will react in a similar way to this semi-bootleg...

thank you.


no: there is not too much information on albrecht/d. to be found on the net. when you google for him: you will mostly find albrecht dürer: and of course there is a connection: as an instant performance and as a contribution to the albrecht dürer jubilee dietrich albrecht changed his real name officially to albrecht/d.

a/d. was born in 1944,
lives in stuttgart/germany since 1958
and acts like an artist since 1966.

he worked and performed with beuys, throbbing gristle, vostell, paik, saree and many more.
he invited permanent instant performance.
he saved raoul hausmann from being forgotten.

his work includes:
mail art: endless music: processed copies: exhibitions: installations: concerts: stamps:
art into society: instant life / love / death: kinky beaux arts: abstract energy: violence permanent:

in 1979 he was part of the stuttgart punk & art posse:
the young common time punks hated him for being an artist:
but he inspired a lot of thee art core noise explorers.

there is more, much more to say:
and someday, if no one else does:
may be deuf and myself will do.
but for now: let´s make some noise:

a/d. says hello   (93 kb)
albrecht/d. answering the phone in 1973

albrecht/d. spricht einen text des hamburger galeristen hans neuendorf   (0,5 mb)
hans neuendorf was a german art dealer. in 1973 he said some bizarre things about art and german artists. one of his sentences was read, recited or performed by kaprow, paik, vostell, hendricks, toche, saree and (as documented here) albrecht/d. and the very raw reworkings were released on the cassette "die abartigen" as reflection press # 25.
this is what herr neuendorf wrote: (a very rough late-night translation:)
"for this purpose (something like art as spectaculum and sensation... rvd) a de-generation of artists has formed itself to only serve the media. vostell as an example: he is always found in press-conferences or he is providing some declaration: but no artistic work is done (no artistic achievement is on hand)."

pausenzeichen (61 kb)
a very short sound not used on the cd "siemers an albrecht/d."

the march of the wooden soldiers

1966: some musicians rehearsing.
1994: john giorno trying to explain.

vu4u (3,9 mb)


Alternative T.V.
"terrified of dogs" 

a very rare track released on a rather obscure microcassette compilation in 1979. yes: it is mark perry, alternative t'television or ATV. this track is not mentioned in the official discography, but we found it...



please note: all these soundfiles are compressed to .mp3/128kbps and packed with
most of these files are of rather poor quality
and are offered to you only for historical/archeologic purposes:
you do not need to buy any overpriced lo-fi bootlegs: i did that for you...
you may download these files for your own collection
and you may give them to your friends for free.
if you hold the copyrights on any of these recordings
and you do for any reason not want these files to be published as free information:
please do not hesitate to contact me .

this page is online since may 2003 and will be updated frequently.
last additions were made on friday, the second of may in 2003.

expect more rare tracks by the likes of
amon düül (some twenty seconds from their 1968 live action at the essener songtage or maybe even the music they provided for a tv commercial for bavarian milk...),
autofick (german meta-punk, 1981),
attraktiv und preiswert (yes: out-takes from their 1981 lp),
artificial memory trace, amm, aeki, andreaduwa
or even the flamin´ groovies and kim fowley...

thank you for your time.